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I mean I think $100 of utility cost differential there is probably about right tbh

I love finding new parts of the cottage industry of “well it turns out someone still makes this hardware in a way that is supported on a modern mac”


Hold on, expresscard and cardbus are two very different things

That adapter is an expresscard adapter, and is compatible with the expresscard variant of the RME bus adapter http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/hdspe_expresscard.php

Not the cardbus one you have


hahaha technology owns


yeah it’s PCI : PCIe iirc


What’s the general consensus w/ hidnsight on Dark Souls 2 (w/ SOTFS)? I’ve basically played DS1, DS3, Nioh and Bloodbourne to death and I’m still hungry for more, but I remember playing it as it came out and not being much of a fan of the way it seemed to take all of the wrong lessons from Demons/DS1. Is it worth revisiting?


I love dark souls 2. it’s weird as hell and creepy and ugly and beautiful. and the story is amazing imo.

I don’t think it takes the wrong lessons from the franchise. it just has its own kind of difficulty, and it’s fine once you adapt to it. don’t go into it expecting it to be the same kind of experience as dark souls 1 or bloodborne. it’s definitely a “B” game and has some serious flaws but honestly I found it to be a much more memorable experience than DS3.


it’s definitely weirder and more uneven than any other game in the series and I have no idea which of its many editions is supposed to be preferable let alone “definitive” but if you post here and like the others I can’t imagine not getting something out of it


Those D620s were super common and are a good choice, though imo a little crappier than its Thinkpad contemporary, the T60


Thanks! I was probably going to give it a shot anyways but that puts me over.

I basically remember coming down off of the release hype train thinking “oh this game is just cheap and annoying as opposed to perfectly difficult like Demons/DS1” but in retrospect I’m fairly certain that was a pretty stupid and fanboyish criticism (and especially after replaying DS: Remastered where I realized like 50% of the game is stuff knocking you off of ledges)


If understand the expresscard thing tho, I think I could just use one of these adapters? https://www.amazon.com/ExpressCard-CardBus-Laptop-Adapter-Card/dp/B000ZLPR1G?th=1

that would add even more expense and another doohickey where something could break, and anyway isn’t thunderbolt on its way out?

tbh getting a $50 laptop would be fine. it doesn’t need to be fast or powerful, it just needs to open the DSP mixer app for the RME box.

it’s insane to me that it doesn’t have internal memory but I guess that wasn’t too abnormal in like 2002 or whenever the hell this thing was made.

I am kind of fantasizing about getting an old laptop like this, maxing out its RAM, and using that for my recording machine (since the version of pro tools I’m stuck on is more or less suited for that era too). I’ve been stuck on mavericks on my mac because any further updates will break the version of pro tools I use, and if I upgrade pro tools I’ll lose all my cracked plugins which will mean I’ll have to start over with all these mixes.

I really just need to be less poor so I can get some modern equipment lol


It’s the best souls game


Not quite. Thunderbolt as a protocol isn’t going away, but in Thunderbolt 3.0 they changed the connector to be USB-C to make things way confusing. It’s backwards compatible with an adapter like this https://www.amazon.com/Apple-MMEL2AM-Thunderbolt-USB-C-Adapter/dp/B01MQ26QIY , assuming you have a machine with TB-over-USB ports. New MBPs do, some Windows laptops might too.

I worry that a long chain of increasingly obscure adapters is going to end with you spending a ton of money on something that either doesn’t work or is very fragile. Spending $50 on an old-ass laptop would be the better move I think


also sorry for giving hasty answers in this thread, I should be reading more carefully before responding


relatedly, I have a Thinkpad A20p in very good shape which I can’t envision needing for anything anytime soon and I’d be happy to send it to a good home but it’s heavy as fuck and I think international shipping will be brutal


it’s fine, if I had actually read the description (which granted is written in very broken english) I would have realized this wouldn’t have worked. thankfully amazon allows returns.

as for your thinkpad – that’s very kind of you, I have a feeling my old ass laptop will probably work but I’ll let you know if I’m truly desperate. but if shipping is prohibitive I could literally get one of those vintage dells for like $65 shipped so I mean, unless you really wanna get that thing off your hands…


if it’s any consolation keeping PCMCIA straight has always been uniquely loathed


my old laptop works and successfully configures the interface


there is SO much weird SB 1.0 errata on this thing


So, I have a TECH SUPPORT question.

2 years ago with the help of a techie friend I built a nice desktop PC running Windows 10. It was built for gaming and has been able to handle any game I throw at it until recently. I noticed that it was crashing the RE2 remake consistently.

A few months ago I played a bunch of Hitman 2 on it without issue. But I booted it up again yesterday and it was crashing constantly in exactly the same way RE2 crashed!

Here’s what it does: After playing for like 10 minutes, seemingly at random the game locks up for 15 seconds or so at a time. During this time, the game loops whatever ambient audio it was playing. My bluetooth connected Xbone controller’s light blinks like it’s having a hard time maintaining the connection. After 15 seconds or so the game resumes like nothing happened and the light on my controller goes back to normal.

After a few of these, the game locks up permanently. Again it loops the ambient audio, but this time my controller’s light doesn’t blink, it just stays on. I can alt-tab, but my mouse doesn’t work. My computer’s audio starts making loud beeping noises, seemingly caused by any movement on my screen. Trying to close the software does nothing. The only remedy is to ctrl-alt-delete and use my keyboard to tell the computer to restart.

Does anyone have any idea what part of my computer could be causing this kind of behavior? I plan to open it up to see if my fan is blocked or something, but when I put my hand around it, I did feel plenty of air circulating.


power supply

maybe temperatures (if you’re on windows run hwinfo in sensor mode and see if anything gets over 85c in those 15 minutes) but probably power supply


If it’s the power supply, what would the solution be? Replace it and install a new one?

I think my power supply has always been a little wonky tbh… I can’t put my computer in sleep mode or it just wakes back up instantly, I always have to put it in “hibernate” mode for it to actually rest.