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haven’t heard of wreckfest, will check it out. ZeroRanger is great (and hard)!


I wonder if any Bemani/Pentavision music artists personally show off their work to new people they meet by having them play the game (as opposed to having them listen to the track by itself)

(I guess they could just perform it for them too)


This is probably a really broad question but anyone got any router tips for these days? The situation is that my mom’s old one broke so I’m giving her mine and buying myself a new one.

Live alone in a smallish apartment so I don’t really need a massive WiFi range for it. Other then that I just have no idea what to look for in one. Is Mu-mimo even going to make a difference if I’ll be using like 2 devices at the same time (3 in rare cases)? An USB port to have an old HDD plugged into would maybe be nice as well.

EDIT: A quick forum search and, @Felix, is Archer C7 still the right choice?


the C7 is 100% fine, it’s well supported by open source firmware if you want to go that route and fine otherwise too – it can be a little difficult to get a Gigabit connection without line of sight in an apartment building but that’s not unusual – but it’s been on the market for a long time without getting much cheaper, so if you can’t get a deal I’d be tempted to look at one of the well-liked but reasonably affordable mesh things. but it’s definitely fine.


Need to buy one by tomorrow so not much chance of getting cheaper deals. Might need to keep looking then. Any particular other brands considered more reliable?

None of these mesh wifi kits available really look affordable to me.


Trying to narrow it down. Last ideas?


The Nighthawk R7k gets you automatic bandswitching (2.4 to 5 and back) which is very useful if you live in a dense 2.4ghz environment like an apartment building. Some IoT devices don’t play nice with it, but I’ve never used a phone or computer that had trouble.

Not sure this is worth 519 more than the C7.


Yeah, if not the C7 then I think it’s between the ASUS 68U and Nighthawk from looking over reviews. Biggest negatives with them from people these days seem to be that they are both rather old models by now and at least Netgear aren’t the best with longterm support. Always a hassle for me to decide if spending a bit extra will actually matter even though I’ll probably be using it for hopefully several years ahead.


The Nighthawk is the best of Netgear’s offerings as far as support goes, usually gets priority on firmware. It’s also very popular so the openwrt support is good. Can’t speak to the ASUS, sorry.

An insidious trend in routers are retailer-specific models that appear similar to ordinary ones but have worse components like a fucking mattress store.


Huh? This is a router feature? I’ve always just put the same ssd on both bands and devices move back and forth depending on which is stronger


Yeah, some routers don’t play nice with using the same ssid. It’s also some (basic) traffic management on the router’s part.


There can be bandswitching smarts on either side. Some devices are pretty dumb and will always prefer 2.4 over 5 (or vice versa) as long as there is any signal strength at all in their preferred band. Routers can deny the weaker signal to force them into the good one.


sext: I withhold the wide spectrum


so this totally did not work, for the reasons that @km articulated and I should have read more carefully

this device is simply a memory card reader and does not support cardbus

I have a clearer understanding of what my needs are now and they are this:

the audio interface must be configured via the cardbus. once it is configured I can use it without being hooked up to the cardbus.

however, the interface does not have internal memory, so any settings written to the firmware will be lost if power is disconnected. so I will need a way to reset the configuration periodically.

ideally, if I could get my macbook talking to the card, that would be the easiest. is this remotely possible?

if not, I will probably need an laptop with a working PCMCIA and windows XP.

is finding such a thing feasible in 2019? I have my ancient ass laptop from 2005 or so that I’m pretty sure has a card slot. I haven’t had a chance to see if it even still boots, but I wonder how difficult it would be to refurbish it to a bare bones windows machine that would basically serve as a terminal for this interface.

edit: in a pinch I guess I could snag something like this for like $50. lol?


I guess this isn’t really a quick question anymore lol


I mean this in an earnest fashion: why are you interested in that old audio interface? I know you have an ear for very specific audio textures; does it have a aural character that you like?


It has extremely high quality audio conversion and is dramatically cheaper than anything in its league (probably because of the obsolete connectivity, but I’m kind of stuck with it now)


honestly, these things still fetch a pretty decent price on ebay so I’m wondering if I might be better off selling it and getting another rack of lucid converters


This is $$$ but it’s thunderbolt and specifically mentions your card http://www.sonnettech.com/product/echoexpresscard34thunderbolt.html


nice find! this might be a decent option. fucked up that it’s cheaper to buy a mid 2000’s laptop tho