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get demons and then download nocturne off psn and you have a Best Games Machine


Bluepoint’s gonna remake it, guys, I believe it; I’ve just gotta hold on a little longer…


If I’m playing a game that I downloaded from PSN in 2019 called Final Fantasy XV (which I guess you can’t buy anymore–I bought it a while ago, but just downloaded/updated it a couple days ago), am I actually playing Final Fantasy XV or do I need something else?


PS3 has many exclusive games that make it worth owning imo


I’m confused by what you’re asking

final fantasy xv is final fantasy xv

are you asking about patches/DLC?


Yeah, I guess so. I’d just heard a bunch about the game being updated over time to become the “real complete” FFXV and I wasn’t sure if that was all done with patches or DLC or whatever. It’s all so confusing if you haven’t been following it.


afaik the DLC just adds in additional character specific chapters. everything that “Fixes” what’s broken about the game is done through patches. you should be good as long as your installation is up to date.


Rad. Thanks!


If you have FFXV Royal Edition you can play it in first person.


you ever wonder if Woolsey translated Meltdown in Final Fantasy VI as “Merton” to split the difference between the theologian and the lallation


Woolsey was a next-level translator, I read a lot of prestigious literary translation and honestly I’m not sure anybody there does it better.

Woolsey had a strange combination of extreme technical constraints and total creative freedom which made his craft truly unique and impossible to match again


You ever wonder what it would be like to have your legacy be some spreadsheets you dashed off in 2 months as a remote worker for a videogame company


Woolsey wasn’t remote! The whole reason he quit after the SNES era was because he didn’t want to move to LA!


You should kickstart a Woolsey biopic, I’d fund it



I want to play a recent game that is way outside of my taste bubble. Maybe a romhack or an untranslated dōjin game, or an IF game. Anyone got any recent (last 6 months) leftfield recs they care to share?


The one game I want to shove into as many hands as possible is ZeroRanger a recently released shooter I would call one of the best shooters I have played.

There have been a few physical famicom releases very recently.


Thanks, that looks pretty cool


Have you played Hadean Lands yet?

Absolutely one of the best puzzle centric IF games I have played. The way it connects puzzle-solving and world-building and exploration can only make me think of Riven.


they’re both quite “you” I’d imagine but I had a great deal of fun with both planetoid pioneers and wreckfest this year and both could do with a bigger audience