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PCMCIA is a different standard than PCI. It uses the same 68-pin connector as Compact Flash, but the non-bulk storage cards (like this one) need an adapter that supports CardBus. It’s old as shit and driver support is a nightmare because it died as a technology right in the middle of the XP era but before USB drivers got better so your options are pretty much to find a new old stock PCI or even ISA adapter

This would probably work, assuming you can get XP drivers for it and the card you want to use


does the card like… plug in somewhere on that thing lol?


Yeah, the cardbus card plugs in to the back of the pci card. It basically adds a pcmcia port to the back of your desktop


That card seems to come with a drivers CD and I bet it has XP drivers on it just from its age.

the manufacturer does not seem to have a website tho so like… lol :expressionless:


more expensive but this seems like a safer bet

and it will ship this week instead of by march


yeah I agree if you want to buy anything it’s that


Question: Am I right to assume that anything to do with Marie Kondo is a total waste of time, and she’s just another weird, vapid oracle for the petite bourgeois, and she’s famous because she helps privileged people reckon with the garishness and guilt associated with wealth?


OK but why is everything in mega slow motion when I hook my pc up to my TV through HDMI though?


Refresh rate, bad hdmi cable, variety of settings between the computer and the pc, if you have cpu-bound-gpu and an external gpu it is possible the hdmi out only runs on the motherboard gpu.


hek, that a lot of things

it’s a 4k tv, but even when I set the output resolution to like 768, it’s still slow.

In fact it’s not stuttery jittery slow like when trying to run a new game on old hardware, it’s the exact same extremely consistent, smooth slowness, no matter what resolution I render at, high or low. It’s honestly kinda weird to witness


The books are great, but don’t translate well to television.

Just because people fixate on her overly specific practical advice on folding clothes and nesting boxes doesn’t mean that’s what her books are about. It’s just that it’s much easier to buy a bunch of boxes and post a trendy photo to Instagram than it is to take the time and re-evaluate the roles their possessions play in their lifestyle.


yeah 90% of the recent backlash to marie kondo is a misrepresentation of what she’s trying to say

it’s mostly just a reframing of how one should think about what they have - there’s a lack of intentionality that most people have which she tries to remedy with little rituals and putting a spirit into every object

how effective that is in changing your habits is up for debate, I thought it was kind of woo at first before remembering that I did this with my toys as a kid and had a great time imagining all the stuff they got up to when I wasn’t around




maintaining putlocker and MEGA links is an annoying hassle in the long run. besides, being relatively obscure and private is a good thing for these things, after all, you’re stealing content.


I am actually impressed that the Netflix show doesn’t veer into orientalist bullshit.

The core of Kondo’s “method” is a dose of animism for the objects you use or cherish and acknowledging that you are careless about your stuff. It’s true that “clutter” is a matter of perspective and privilege, but I don’t think she’s vapid or a salve to consumer habits.

There’s a lot in the book about how you feel (e.g. anxious) when you’re surrounded by clutter and that clicked with me instantly. It’s not about minimalism per se as being deliberate about your environment. The “life-changing magic” is supposed to be that you find things easier and you’re less anxious about the state of your home because you’ve not only culled your possessions but also learned how to be conscious of what you bring home.

I read the book right as my dad moved cross-country and left me with a bunch of stuff and I started renting my mom’s house full of para-hoarder messes so it had an outsized impact.

  • Demons Souls
  • Dark Souls

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dude I’m not gonna seek out a PS3 just to play literally one game


You should.


Yeah, I mean, I basically bought a PS3 and my first HD television to play that one game.

Thanks, SB


PS3s can also play Dark Souls so it’s two games.