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i hope when the new dune movie comes out it’s just a 2.5 hour argument about which city in Connecticut has the best pizza


I just remembered, it was actually a problem of confusing salt and sugar! This explains how we were able to successfully create a perfect visual facsimile of a pizza and not realize until the first bite that we’d ruined our family for generations.


That makes a lot more sense


Yeah, I spent the last half hour just sitting here trying to figure out why my foundational summer family memory made no logical sense. Pleased I was able to resolve that one and not suddenly realize I’m a replicant.


Speaking of weird pizza, my favorite kind involves the use of both cheddar and swisss


Luna > Pepe’s, don’t @ me


Hi Felix.


a year or so ago my little brother and my wife and I went out to eat some Indian food

afterwards, driving around the neighborhood, now it is getting late: I wanted a chai

we stopped at this other place that’s mostly a restaurant, veg. only dosas and whatever my wife didn’t like it the two times we had visited previously, because it was still open

I go in alone while they wait in the car and order one at the counter and they ask if I want a “big one” or a “small one” and I say “small one” and then costs like a dollar and I give them five dollars because I want to be liked and then it comes out and it is tiny like in a dixie cup with a little baby coffee lid and it is so hot it is undrinkably hot

on the way out I stop and pour some sugar from one of the tables into the chai yum dessert tea

it takes most of the drive back to our neighborhood for it to cool down enough to drink it is all salty I poured a bunch of salt into the chai they had straight up a liter of salt on every table in these

five dollars


i want manga meat


If I am going to play Final Fantasy 15 for the first time, do I need to read or absorb any of the outside media stuff (like the movie) to know what’s going on or can I just dive into it?


Not REALLY, but if you find yourself really wanting to know the answers to any of the following questions:

  • What’s Prompto’s role in The Band?
  • What’s with the dogs?
  • Why do the other guys put up with Noctis?
  • Why was Luna in the city?
  • What actually HAPPENED in the city?
  • How is the Multiplayer connected to the main story?
  • What’s the deal with the Ring?

Then you might consider watching the movie and the anime short series. The light novels don’t tell you anything you A) need to know and B) can’t glean from the game itself or the movie/anime (one of the novels literally takes like 8 pages or whatever just to deliver “Iris likes Noctis”)


Cool. Should i consume this stuff at specific points in the game or just if I decide I need to be filled in on these questions? Also, thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.


The anime series (Free via the official FF15 Youtube channel: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5)

Probably best watched either right before starting the game, or within the opening hours after starting. They give most of the backstory of the Boys themselves, while dipping briefly into the more overarching plot of the major political points involved in the game’s story. Episode 1 can be seen as a sort of “trailer” of the game itself, episodes 2, 3, and 4 explain how Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis came to join The Band, respectively, and then episode 5 explains the connections between Noctis and Lunafreya, as well as “all the adult stuff” that went on back when they were kids that ended up being the impetus for what goes down during the game.

As for the movie, Kingsglaive (available on ???. It’s on like, zero streaming services, but you can pay actual moneydollars to rent it on like amazon or redbox or something if you’re trying to get rid of some cash), I would say either:

Watch it right when it happens in the game (technically the real meat of the movie (aside from a few establishing scenes) begins roughly at the same time the game does, but The Event the movie is about (the assault on the city) takes place about 2-ish hours into the game.),

OR you can watch it before trying the multiplayer (which takes place during a specific period in the timeline, as the game will tell you when selecting it).

Edit: OH ALSO: some tips for playing the game,

  • Do the tutorial, it will teach you things the game won’t (like how to lock on, etc)
  • Play with Wait Mode on, it makes the game much less chaotic, and even has its own branch of the skill tree
  • Don’t try to 100% like, ANYTHING until you’re about to go to the Endgame. It really isn’t worth it. Do hunts when you need cash or the items dropped by the targets (or if you just want to), don’t treat them as a checklist, you will burn out hard if you try to do them all.
  • Don’t sell anything, ever. I mean, that’s hyperbole, but every item in the game has a use, even if it’s not obvious at first. Even if you’re sure you don’t want it, at least don’t sell ALL of anything. Maybe you won’t end up using it yourself, but chances are you’ll come across a quest that wants one.
  • ALWAYS BET ON REAPERKING (unless there are Flexitusks)


Is there any reason to buy Windjammers if you’re only going to play single player?


I mean, it’s like playing a really good fighting game single player; it’s still incredibly enjoyable if the AI is serviceable and you might have a buddy over to your place once in a blue moon


are some unpopular movies only on karagargagagaga because they aren’t popular enough to be put on more accessible sites like putlocker or a pastebin full of MEGA links

or are they only on there because “film people” are gatekeepers and douches

it cant be a lawyer thing because u can find disney shit very easily


Even with a kg/redacted account I really don’t like the paranoia and backslapping implicit in private torrentspaces, no
I suspect it’s mostly just momentum now - people stick up the rare shit there and there only because everyone else did


There’s some degree, and this is kind of a circular thing, of any time an obscure movie gets put on a public tracker, it loses all seeders within a week and no one feels compelled to share that shit again. That’s why private trackers began in the first place


there’s so much shit being put out now even a torrent of a popular movie can be dead a month later. we need a better way


suprisingly having a hard time googling this. I’m looking at buying an old audio interface that uses this PCI card:

what on earth do I need to get that thing hooked up on a desktop? the computer I’m using is actually fairly old (it’s a windows XP machine lol) but that looks like a laptop PCI card? I don’t think the computer in question has any slots on it like that. is there some kind of enclosure I can put it in that will just let it hook up over usb? I can’t seem to find anything :expressionless: