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Anyway, thanks for all the recommendations. I’m going with Deadfire because at least Felix recommends it marginally above Original Sin and I feel more up to a more polished, balanced vibe. May still try Original Sin later


I mean, she is the ROTHFUSS character, so.


Original Sin has Smug Cat Wizard big mistake


DivOS 1 is very well balanced and polished, its 2 that falls a bit short on that front (and only at release)

Anyway you can talk to all animals in divos making it great


yeah I don’t think I ever communicated otherwise, original sin is fantastic, but it’s great like 85% on the basis of its mechanics whereas deadfire (which no one here other than me and @parker has played afaik) is more like 65% and equally fantastic. and I know broco has said in the past that he has no special affection for srpg combat, and even though it’s almost never been done as well as here, deadfire has the only actually great rtwp combat ever to exist so it’s hardly even a downgrade taking preferences into account.


That goes by mood; I’m positive Divinity’s rulebending, referential, Pratchett-esque world is much more to Tulpa’s liking, whereas Divinity is 100% mechanical enjoyment for me because I can’t stand the world and tone (but it’s very good CRPG combat) (and I guess by mechanics we need to encompass combat and quest design because Divinity is also great by using the Ultima 7 sandbox to allow fun quest solutions)


love 2 occupy the token middle ground even when I absolutely don’t mean to


that said, larian can actually write – I fill up on pratchett fairly quickly but anyone trying and failing to echo that style is insufferable, and they aren’t that.

hell at the end of original sin 2 there’s a sex scene with fully voice acted branching dialog trees accompanying two of your party members using their regular canned animations for laying on a bed in an inn and they actually pull it off


For me a big factor is that the visual consistency of Deadfire is much better. Deadfire has an excellent color palette, contrast levels and careful UI design. Original Sin is superficially going for a similar visual look but everything looks a little bit jank to my eye.


true heir to ultima 7

(but yeah deadfire is genuinely gorgeous, it had such a winding route to being a sequel to such a bad revival of a style of game that most fans apparently had terrible taste in, and they do such wonderful things with it)


Original Sin is a hyper-saturated color palette in play and really does feel reminiscent of SVGA art styles; it wavers between looking like cheap cobbled-together kit assets and a realization of the 1994 future of RPGs.


in videogame boxes these days, PS4 specifically, why does Sony still put little manual-holding plastic nodules in the boxes if there is no manual? why not put something in there? it feels like I’m opening a used game I picked up at goodwill instead of unsealing a brand new 2018 Video Game


they get off on withholding

from you


because sometimes they little leaflets

and what about the people who do include manuals?


I guess some people do still put manuals in there

I just wanted to complain


what if I told you Switch cases have the manual holders too


is there a unity tutorial with an attitude of “steal all these assets. you don’t know how to code. you are going to do something illegal with this game. acab. heres how to lie to your psychiatrist to get adderall” the professor makes or breaks the class, i need a good one for unity


take my class at Parsons next semester :sunglasses:


if i could teleport to new york 4 5 hours i would


congratulations you’ve made pubg