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sweet bean (sort of actually it might be more about cooking than baking)


Amazon has Vampyr at 30$

Is it worth 30 or should I wait til it’s cheaper?


There’s a bit of baking in Stephen Chow’s GOD OF COOKERY, IIRC. That movie slaps so you won’t mind the parts where they cook other things.


Is Darkest Dungeon one of those games where I’m going to get real mad at the RNG, paging @Birch


Well, there’s Blueberry Nights, which I haven’t seen in a long time but I have fond memories of it. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though because the consensus is that it’s not one of Wong Kar Wai’s best.


my name is shrug and I’m here to say

I’ve played more Torment 2 in a major way!

…it’s still just very ok and the writing is wildly uneven. When I found out Rothfuss wrote NPC Companion X I was like “oh yeah, that follows.” I’m just hopping between islands of text, never knowing if I’ll be surprised and interested or trapped in a hell of banal cliche someone seems to have dashed off in an hour before lunch.

Every 20-30 minutes I turn over another blatant reference to or rip from Book of the New Sun, though, which is fun?


in conclusion who can understand the mind of a felix?

no one

not even God


If I come across a reference to The Changing God having two heads in an early prototype of his body swapping shit I’m finally calling the police.


this is all fair. I am a lot less familiar with the probable source material so the cliches probably don’t get to me nearly as much, and the “islands of text” characterization is consistent with what I’ve been saying too. how far along are you?


I would posit that it’s probably a lot more exciting to someone who gets through the new yorker every week but hasn’t read very much of the sci-fi/fantasy canon because it bores me when it isn’t attached to an RPG but that would turn every other person here off of ever playing it so let’s not

in any case I’m not surprised that the game’s audience is pretty tiny and most of the people who were waiting on it were disappointed


I decided to take a break when it seemed accomplishing a certain thing in a certain portal off the Necropolis would require combat and also actually surviving that combat consistently.

Text in the Castoff Santuary suggested I might not be able to come back and do this later if I continued with the main-story memory box route so.

(The memory devices are an interesting conceit but the optional ones contain some of the worst writing in the game.)


oh man the final encounter of the necrohol is so good! and can be done with zero combat, it’s potentially a text boss

you are only like a third of the way in!

but yeah you can never return to old areas in this, there are four main acts and there’s no going back to any of them. it’s an interesting choice.

(hope you got Rhin!)


that area actually reminded me most of, of all things, Mario RPG

and the optional boxes are totally unmemorable to me and you tend to remember outright badness more than I do

I’m not sure if that’s actually your first long “text boss” in the game, and they get pretty incredible.


I did and so far she’s horrible in every way 8)


yup but there’s only like one unavoidable encounter you should have to do the entire time she’s in the party and her unique abilities are actually useful in it!

also the way the game forces you to use her once you have her & the writing around her character later in the game is super great

the other characters are down to preference (except the male mage sucks and matkina is great and erritris is the only heavy melee guy in the whole game which is useful for some skill checks so really it’s only callistege and tybir and oom who are in the middle of the pack) but rhin is v special

sorry I’m derailing this thread I love this game


I fell off of it when other games come out, but it’s interesting?

Combat is pretty clunky and heavily stamina based, and fights get pretty hard if you try to spare everyone. It never really feels good, and there’s a whole lot of it.

Story’s neat though!


With the caveat that I’ve played an ungodly amount of DD and that I always compare things to the brutality of early Early Access, probably not? Outside of the blood curse mechanic from one of the expansions, the game is pretty easy imo. Even really dumb serieses of RNG failure, like an occultist doing 0 healing and inflicting bleed on a 1 health team member two rounds in a row, are pretty safe in the new version, and serieses of good RNG snowballs pretty hard a lot of the time. That’s not to say you’ll never get frustrated because some dumb shit will happen, but it’s light enough these days that I think most people will find it more fun than rage-inducing.

Play on easy, though, that grind is unforgivable.


is the radiant mode or w/e a solution to not having to grind and also not having to play on easy?


Yeah, it’s not an easy mode, really. It’s just +EXP and gold and like, one minor buff at max light iirc.

Edit: Yeah, it’s a bunch of stuff and arguably some of it is easier (Level 4 characters can do novice dungeons), but the +dodge on full light is the only one I would really consider a big change in favor of making the game easier as opposed to faster


can’t wait to be flabbergasted by this take