Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


I asked this question a little while ago, the advice I ended up following was:

If you’re going to both, start with 1 so you appreciate the changes in 2
If you’re only going to play one, go with 2

So I got 2


I’m having periodic 1-second disconnects with a Dualshock 4 through Bluetooth to a Gigaybte Brix (micro PC), which uses a Realtek 8821AE wireless card.

Should I:

  • Purchase the PS4 bluetooth adapter (downside: fifty freakin’ dollars)
  • Purchase a new wireless card on the theory it’ll have stronger bluetooth signal
  • Purchase a different wireless controller. This is an emulator box, up through 32-bit, so flat shape and primary dpad are preferred (my 360 controllers are right out); 6-button face would be nice but not necessary (I’m not really a fighting game person. Are the 8BitDo controllers high quality? Are we hopeful their Saturn controllers will be good?


I would tend to blame the wireless card but knowing it’s part of a proper realtek chipset throws me, those are usually fine


It’s a squat little box so it could be that the antennas aren’t well placed. I’m only about 7 ft away, with line of sight to the machine. I believe the wireless spectrum is quite crowded in my apartment complex which is carved out of a hotel (2 floors below me, 2 above, at least 4 apartments on either side).


yeah, I was going to suggest that, but speaking as someone who upgraded mini PCIe wifi on an ITX board and had to order MHF4 antennas from eBay to replace the ones it came with, I would struggle to recommend that solution, even though I get gigabit wifi in my apartment now and the Bluetooth reaches my kitchen and it all cost a total of like $25 on eBay


I have an older model of the SF30 Pro and like it alright. I know some folks have complained about bad diagonals with the D-Pad on 8Bitdo’s controllers, but mine seems fine?

You could also maybe try their USB adapter. I got one off of Amazon for $16 and use it to connect my DS4 to my Switch. Could work.


Q for people in japan, how much does a japanese ps2 go for over there? im thinking of buying one to play jp ps1 games on cause they dont work on my hacked EU ps2. playasia etc seems unreliable for actually good prices on this sort of thing


8000-10,000 yen coins.


if it’s only for ps1 games, you can probably get a modded ps1 from ebay cheap. i got one a few months ago for £35, i assume it’d be about the same anywhere else too?


This is probably a better idea tho then I would have to keep the ps1 densha controller haha




gehhh looks like wattage would be a hassle with a jp ps2
edit: apparently the slim ones are fine with the wattage situation

there is a slim on ebay in aus for the equivalent of 8000 yen so ill get that, thanks rudie for the prices. dw loki the controller is still for you


best place to sell old shit in the uk? gumtree or ebay? any tips?


Not UK but here in Sweden Facebook Marketplace (it’s part of the regular app) has been surprisingly good for second hand stuff and it’s free to put up ads. If it has any traction at all over there might be worth a shot?


ebay or (ugh) facebook, probably.


Here’s maybe a weirdly niche question - what’s the state of Android emulation these days?

I’ve had a Shield TV for…a while now, and had some so-so luck with it (less the system itself and more those crappy first gen controllers and a faulty microSD card), but it seems like a pretty decent way to emulate most of the stuff I wanna mess with.

That said, I’m hoping some stuff (Dolphin and Reicast, or maybe something better than that for Dreamcast emulation) have come along since then, since emulating anything past the Playstation or PSP was rough going.


frametiming and process priority in a java environment are never not going to be terrible so if you’re a purist honestly just forget it

the only android phone I ever owned was from 2010 and even then everything up through N64/PS1/PSP/DOS was “fine” but I guess there isn’t a huge amount of room for it to get better, beyond that only like Dolphin has a decent portable codebase


retroarch is pretty nice – i played a significant amount of earthbound on my cheap-o Samsung tablet. recently they’ve pushed to make the ui not-awful.


does sb have a swap and sell thread? I swear there was one in kop, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.