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ah, the plural is what got me. thanks.


Does anyone else remember playable games in 32x32 pixel browser tab icons? I’m sure that was a thing, but I can find no evidence of it.


i do! i definitely remember seeing a tiny little space invaders game like that


What would you say is the line between firmware and software?


“running” the firmware is inseparable from using the device, unlike running the software


Ahhh, the key is that those are called favicons. The seminal example seems to be Defender of the Favicon from 2008. It doesn’t play well with high pixel density, alas.


Firmware is stored on a low-capacity medium supporting fast reads and extremely slow writes. It is changeable but hard to change, i.e. “firm” not “hard” or “soft”.


I have a Neo Geo AES that outputs garbled graphics. These dudes on Neo-Geo dot com said I likely need a new RAM chip or something. That was 2 years ago and I’m afraid I’ll get flamed if I bump that thread so uh I’m asking here instead: anyone know where I can get “8K x 8 rams” so I can sell this big fuckin’ machine and move on with my life.


has anyone played the new battle royale mode in CS GO?

there’s a lot of little things I half want to try right now but I haven’t really had the time or the enthusiasm, I’ve never really touched GO but I have in my in head that I like CS mechanics well enough


It has a diegetic map and buy menu in the form of a tablet your dude holds out and that’s really all you need to know for it to be worth its existence.

Aside from that it’s just a hilarious joke about the concept of staying relevant that they’re still boldly putting out this upscaled early-Xbox-360 content.


I’m honestly pretty OK with CS continuing to be just barely updated and patched so that it’s still reognizably the same game from 1999

plus like if you want to see what a modernized and redesigned CS would actually be like there’s always Siege


Oh yeah, I’m not complaining at all, CS:GO’s datedness puts a big dumb smile on my face every time I boot it.

The BR also only has a max of 16-18 players and a small map so it’s more like a one-life deathmatch. I’ll need to play it more.


Controller support being patch soon - 2014.


Pretty sure all my quick questions have been “I bought a thing I don’t know how to use, help?!” - but!

I got a video capture kit that just grabs whatever’s on screen and records it to microSD in 16:9. The stuff I’m recording is 4:3, but (naturally) comes through with black bars on the sides.

So! Is there any good software for editing those bars out? I gotta imagine there’s an easy way to set some parameters and crop all of it out?

That or I guess I can add some siiiiick overlays, but I’d rather just have the footage.

Edit: oh cool right as I put this up that Sony Vegas bundle is up on Humble again. Huh.


i know fuck all about video editing but i converted some 4:3 footage in 16:9 with bars to another format in handbrake recently and that cropped the bars automatically


I will also rep for Vegas, I used to do a decent amount of amateur video editing and it is relatively simple while also scaling up as far as you’ll probably ever need to go. It costs money obviously.


I hear they run discounts on torrent sites


Lightworks, Pitivi and Openshot are free if that’s a requirement and you can’t pirate for some reason


I’m currently considering playing a big CRPG but I only have space in my life for one so I want a best-in-class at some category of experience. I’m considering Deadfire, any other contenders?

Attn @Felix, @Tulpa


original sin