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don’t get me started on turntable purchased by people younger than 50

Wait. The emulation evangelist hisself is a vinyl man?


“I swear it’s only for digitizing rare 45s!”, he exclaimed. The officer continued to thump his baton against his palm slowly.


okay, technically, I was gifted my turntable so it’s okay


God someone gift me a turntable so I can ruin my life


Turntables are a good excuse for collecting records which are cool physical objects lol

I haven’t run mine in months


wikipedia says it’s a stealth action game?

ehhh, it sounds seedy, but what caught my interest is that it’s developed by tamsoft


I swear to bonglord that Lady Rude will 100% justifiably murder you, and I could not blame her for this. But also the VOTOMS soundtrack discs rule so much that I can’t deny you this, and I have never even watched that show but holy hell that opener is the best.


If you’re a big music nerd with disposable income then a turntable makes sense. There’s still a ton of stuff out there that’s only available on vinyl and obscure enough that nobody’s likely to rip it. One of my favorite bands recently put out a couple of vinyl-only b-sides.


It got four 8s from Famitsu, though!

Anytime I think of seedy open world anime games I am always reminded of the absolute mess that was Love Death 555, where a 3D hentai game developer re-purposed their assets to make an real janky online multiplayer open-school sandbox game. I feel like there must have been some hentai systems still in there somewhere but I only remember driving itashas around a school and shooting guns.


Ceremonial listening is cool, so after collecting enough ritual objects I picked up an AT-LP120 last year. I’ve used it for maybe 4/15 hours worth of records so this just reminds me to hook it up again. Which in turn will make me want to go crate diggin’ but it’s like the best feeling season to do so.


I just got my turntable set up in a good place for the first time in a while so I’ve been listening to all the records I’ve collected and schlepped around over the years (inc when I worked in a record store) a lot lately. I just went crazy at Goodwill and came out with like 25 classical records to put on while I write

Including this awesome find, old classical Japanese “Masterpieces of Koto” played by Michio Miyagi. The previous owner was pretty good about keeping this record for the 50+ years they likely owned it.

Thanks Mr. Fountain


I had this record in my stack of picks when I was at the store say two weeks ago, but then I put it back at the last moment

I saw another $10 monochrome matte cover koto record with a handsome obi at Half Price Books last week, too, also put it back.

Weird koto coincidences.


sometimes I am wire mother and sometimes I am cloth mother


from what I’ve seen of it (of a twitter mutual play it on twitch), it seems awful enough to play when you understand the language. it’s an open world game but there’s no minimap or compass from what i can tell. so you’d have to be able to read to decipher what to do, probably


aw, disappointing


the long titles that animes do now are like novels from the 1700s before we invented blurbs and previews


Controversial Friday-Tan/Cannibal fic threatens to tear apart RoCru fandom


My favorite of these is

Mr. Munchausen: Being a True Account of Some of the Recent Adventures Beyond the Styx of the Late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, Sometime Baron Munchausen of Bodenwerder, as originally reported for the Sunday Edition of the Gehenna Gazette by its special interviewer the late Mr. Ananias formerly of Jerusalem, and now first transcribed from the columns of that journal by J. K. Bangs


Which is better: Overcooked 1 or Overcooked 2?


caveat: I played overcooked 2 on a switch joycon and overcooked 1 on PS4

I would say overcooked 2 is a little more squirrel-y and plays more with being unable to physically access the cook stations as opposed to overcooked 1. there’s a lot more instances of teleporters or platforms disappearing or being on moving objects that you can fall off of in 2, so if that bothers you a lot then overcooked 1 is better

but I’d say overcooked 2 is better overall because it has more stuff and it also has that online mode, AND an arcade mode AND a new game plus