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:thinks of jokingly suggesting The Philadelphia Story:


:goes to seriously and sincerely suggest The Philadelphia Story:

:stops, thinks again:

The Happiest Millionaire


I think the film “Philadelphia” might be set in Philadelphia but I’m honestly not sure


But mid-sized cities are seeing big boosts in the past decade or so from gentrifiers like me.


My gf wants to get a Roku and it’s one of the ones that runs off of USB power. My TV is pretty old and only has one USB port, a “Service” port. Anybody know if that port can supply power?


Google for the manual for that model of TV and cross your fingers.


I would be surprised if it didn’t have an ac adapter in the box, too. That seems to be the universal standard for electronics these days.


Maybe you could try charging your phone first through it and see if that works?


And you could always just get a power strip or the like with USB ports if it doesn’t work.


Anybody got any recommendations on computer mice? Deals season is here and I just realized mine right mouse button hasn’t been working in some time.

I really only need it to have to have two thumb button on the left side and a mouse wheel that rolls with notches (not smooth). DPI switching was something kind of fun on my last logitech but haven’t actually used that in a good long while now. I have fairly long fingers but weak pathetic arms though so also something bigger yet light would be nice.


i bought a logitech g203 for £19.99 last month and i’m really happy with it, way better than the busted razer thing it replaced


Why is it that not only is Final Fantasy Tactics not on Steam, but there aren’t even any clones or anything even remotely similar?


well because shonen style storytelling was unfortunately a lot cheaper to produce than isometric sprite scripting and because a lot of the work that Matsuno was building off of in the first place wasn’t localized until later so perversely a lot of fire emblem type stuff is more popular as far as Japanese style SRPGs by Western rebellious developers go and


I mean more along the lines of gameplay-wise rather than plot or graphics but that is a point


I think there’s a few isometric tactics RPGs. A friend shipped one into the void last year.

Uh, it’s

I can look at similar from there or chase down the tags.

…actually, Banner Saga is pretty close (though the combat system is terrible, the scenario and art around it is quite good). Following recommended near there might get you closer. You could also play Brigandine (PSX) again if you haven’t or it’s been awhile!


It’s a shame no one bothers to look through the Steam new releases in order to catch random games like this that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

…Wait a sec.

Literally the only reason I remember this game is because of the screenshot of a guy fighting a land whale from inside of an open grave.


I got this game now, and this statement seems about right.

Oak even says something at the start to the effect of “Its up to you whether you want to focus on catching or battling” so it seems like they balanced the game such that players who came in from GO and never touched an RPG before can focus on just catching everything they see, making the battle portions easy. Otherwise, more experienced players can ignore the GO elements and just catch what they need, making the battles more challenging.

I also found that if I want to go on a catching spree, I can swap out my party for weaker pokemon, to grind them up to usable levels.


Have you tried Phantom Brave? I have not played it since the PS2 days, but I liked it a lot back then. And it’s very cheap right now.


Disgaea is on steam?


And 2


Anyone have any experience in building standalone emulation boxes for a couch+tv setup? Lookin’ for a good cheap/powerful curve sweet spot, preferably capable of handling up to PS2/Dolphin