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I haven’t had a chance to really get around to building this just yet, but it seems like you could get away with some really basic PS2/Dolphin emulation by skipping a dedicated graphics card and using a Ryzen 2200/2400g processor.

(I dunno if this guy’s videos will help much or not, he just runs through a couple of emulator with the processors)


You can get an old business PC and add a low wattage GPU. A second gen Intel core CPU plus a GT1030 and an SSD will do just fine for ~$200. You can upgrade that with a GTX750ti or GTX1050/1050ti for varying prices.


Hmm, yeah. Looking into it more, seems like everything’s going to end up a little more expensive and bulkier than I can fit into my budget/shelf space.

Maybe if I watch holiday deals real hard I might be able to figure out some way to make an extremely slim APU-based microPC sort of thing?

…or I could just get around to shelling out the big bucks for a Very Long HDMI cable to connect my PC to my tv. I guess that’s always an option.

God knows the Steam Link was not the solution to this problem.


fwiw if you’re going with a Ryzen 2400G the PCIe lanes are so gimped that you can probably get an ITX case that doesn’t even have space for a full GPU because you won’t be able to expand it very effectively in the future anyway, which can be super tiny


How long are you talking? I’m in a 1-bedroom apartment and this worked out perfectly: 50’ HDMI, USB cable with a dock at the end, audio cable (can’t get Dolby Digital out of PCs of course, so no surround passthrough from HDMI, so I’m stuck on analog to my TV speaker setup still). If you’re looking at 50-100’ I think it gets a lot harder.


If I just ran it straight from one port to the other, with the cable just bisecting the room at waist height, I could probably get away with a 10-15 foot cable

If I wanted to spend the better part of a day meticulously threading the cable through all the gaps and running the corners, I could probably make do with a 20-25 foot cable, but it’d still be a bit more taut than I’m comfortable with. I don’t like to put that kind of stress on my ports

50-foot feels like overkill though, both distance and price wise


does anyone know how playable Natsuiro Haisukuru★Seishun Hakusho ~Tenkou Shonichi no Ore ga Osananajimi to Saikai shitara Houdoubuin ni Sarete ite Gekisha Shounen no Hibi wa Sukuupu Dairenpatsu de Igai to Motemote nanoni Nazeka Mai Memori wa Pantsu Shashin Bakkari toiu Genjitsu to Mukiainagara Kangaeru Hitonatsu no Shima no Gakuen Seikatsu to Sekirarana Koi no Yukue is to the jp-illiterate?


okay, it’s true that you can’t get a real time encode into DD unless you have something with a DD Live chip on it, but any modern video player worth its salt can decode the stream and you can just send out multi channel PCM (which your sound device of choice should support if it’s taking audio over HDMI anyway)

I even get fancy and switch my TV computer from multichannel to stereo so my receiver can ProLogic shit up



There are 50’ HDMI cables on Amazon for 15-20 bucks, which I would describe as Reasonable


Hmm, I suppose I could flip sound over to HDMI out when I’m watching video through PC, though I still need analog out because PC games only rarely put out Dolby Digital. So it’s probably easiest still to separate video and audio. It causes audio sync issues when watching video on PC with a television processing mode (i.e., not ‘Game’ mode), as the audio doesn’t know how to wait for the TV.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve solved frame-pacing issues with 24hz video from PC; Media Player Classic has an exclusive fullscreen mode that_might_ be sending native 24hz but it’s hard to tell on this television because the display nature of OLED makes motion and especially panning shots rough at low framerate. I know it’s as good as it can be through a console box or native streaming app, so I only get paranoid on PC, unsure if I’m seeing 60/24 stutter issues or naturally 24hz issues.


well you see actually video is encoded at 23.97 fps because we’re still dumb idiots married to the constraints of NTSC and

I’ve found the easiest way to pick out 24hz is anime because modern anime is filled to the brim with slow, smooth pans and often back- and foreground details like weather, etc. are native 24 fps instead of being on twos or threes (I just binged through a show from 2010 and snowfall would pop up every few episodes and it was readily apparent how smooth it was and it stuck out even more on an A-B comparison) (of course, I would tell a sane person to watch use Redline, a thing that’s not embarrassing)

I’ve also been messing around with mpv because it’s super no frills and still actively maintained (MPC-HC is feature done and only getting LAV Filter updates now)

ALSO! any receiver that’s decent should have an audio delay offset. unless you’re using a soundbar, in which case I won’t judge you (aloud) (I admittedly got lucky and walked out with a 7.1 receiver from Goodwill for 50 bucks so what I’ve put together is kind of an outlier for its price (~200 bucks for a 5 speaker setup))


It’s a VN dating sim right? So probably none.


you should definitely be using mpv over mpc


Here we go: I’m still using the Logitech Z-680 5.1 PC speakers I bought in 2003, because, well, I still live in an apartment and can’t justify incremental speaker upgrades while fearing bass. It has a mini-receiver with optical, analog (6 channels over 3 jacks), and coax, though the display is now just an illegible blue light I have to cover with tape in a dark room. The sub is unfortunately muddy but the satellites are pretty decent; it can decode Dolby 5.1, DTS, and the Pro Logic modes, so I think I’ve been doing alright.

I started looking (I should say, feverishly scheming as I thought, “it’s just that easy!”) at Goodwill receivers a couple years ago but I’ve since backed off as every new HDMI revision seems to obsolete every existing one if you want to pass HDMI through it, and I’m not really looking forward to coupling an expensive receiver purchase to a TV refresh.

Thanks for the switch recommendation, I persist in using MPC over VLC because it supports true framestepping, and they kept doing monthly builds so I had no idea it was on longterm support.


do you know what the title means because if you did, you might not want to play it anymore


judge me I am using a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and projector speakers


In looking this up, Wikipedia taught me,

The game was inspired by action role-playing open world game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim .


we already do, Felix.


as incredibly picky as I am about LCD scaling and whatnot I am the furthest thing from an audiophile

and all my favourite singers couldn’t sing


I have a secondhand turntable that’s being fed through a cheap Amazon preamp into Macintosh Quadra speakers