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I know they had to make do with what they had, but retexturing one of the game’s signs with Comic Sans is a pretty good representation of the HD Collection experience.



Silent Hill 3 all and all is pretty good!

The buggy based on a prototype of the PC version because they lost the original source code SH2 is not good. You can clearly see area boundaries that were hidden by fog and darkness before. The fog is frequently too thin and not working correctly.

When you go back to SH2 in 3 you can see how the game is supposed to look and get really fucking mad at how bad a job they did.

Sound clips will cut off. The last boss/area looks completely wrong.


In 2 or 3?


Sorry to interrupt but I have a question too: my PS4 died a few weeks ago. Should I get it repaired again or should I just get a new one?

It’s not the plus or whatever it’s called


3 in the collection is fine. Not perfect but not screaming and mashing of teeth that I paid to experience this garbage that 2 is.


Did it give any indications as to why it died? I replaced the power supply in mine and it was very easy. If it is a more exotic failure then it may not be worth it over getting a new one for $200 during the sales going on now-ish.


is the reliability that poor? I haven’t heard of too many failures like that


What are some good movies set in philly, or pennsylvania generally? I watched creed and unstoppable recently and they both draw a v similar image of this cold grey hard working state


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S12E01


Newer ones are more energy efficient and have quieter fans. Can’t think of anything else. If you’re in the US then black Friday would probably have some good deals on new ones as km said, so you can factor that into your decision as you’re sizing up the price difference between a repair or new ps4.


My PS4 shares a circuit with a workshop, and tool motors put out some nasty noise

But it’s cheaper to buy new consoles than run new conduit


This is my third, idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sony keeps sending me shitty ones when I send in for repairs, I guess. That’s how I lost PT ;_;


I’m finding it very hard to think of an answer to this question! Other than all the Rockies obviously. I think Boston reads as default “cold blue-collar city” for most filmmakers.

They use Philly to double for DC and NYC sometimes. I think Die Hard 4’s DC was Philly? But that’s the absolute converse of a movie “set in Philly”


did you just get done watching the collected works of ben affleck or something

oh and actually useful answer: trading places


There’s those, and The Depahhted, and you know, that stuff


Don’t forget Witness and Groundhog Day (speaking of romcoms)


ahh!! thank you everyone for this. ive seen a few of these but forgot/didnt notice they were set in pennsylvania and never even thought of watching a few others so this helps thxxx


I wonder if there’s a decline in movies set in mid-sized American cities that parallels their relative decline next to mega-cities (and the same excluded middle the entire world is experiencing). But I think my impression is mostly formed by survivorship bias.

Nothing like a movie set in Kalamazoo, MI though. Trawling Amazon Prime last night I saw a movie named Battle Creek. You guessed right, it’s set in Battle Creek, MI.

I hadn’t realized ‘West Michigan’ is a regional phrase until I read it was and realized it should grammatically be ‘Western Michigan’.


I believe Eraserhead was hugely influenced by David Lynch’s overwhelming anxiety and hatred of living in Philly, so you could always have a good time cutting em’ up like regular chickens with Henry and the gang.


de palma’s Blow Out is set in philadelphia iirc and that’s a classic