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It does seem like they’ve added a whole lot of extra liveliness in the way you can interact with the pokemon and how they are all wandering around the fields.
That might be enough to persuade me, but I am still a little concerned that I might catch a pidgey in route 1 and agonise over what to call him, only to find it more viable to swap him out for one 10 levels higher in the next area, and then poor little Bosworth is off to the candy factory.


My friend has it and I watched her play it for a bit. It seems ppl are complaining that, yes, it does want you to catch everything bc it gives you a million balls and catching gives lots of exp. Ppl are also complaining that it is way too easy. My friend has been only catching one of each pokemon and has found that to even the difficulty out to that of a regular pokemon game. So I guess no you don’t need to catch everything and perhaps maybe you really shouldn’t.


yeah i was just thinking i’ll probably catch just one of each pokemon if i play this

the idea of flipping through pidgeys to see which one is best bums me out for a few reasons anyway


So it’s a more realistic Pokemon world.


Tim made a pretty funny joke out of the whole Pokemon butchering for candy in this vid


does anyone know any good books or articles about the california gold rush (1848-1855)

i keep thinking about some shit a student said in a cold war class i took 4 2 weeks about the cold war actually starting, in spirit at least, in 1848. i forgot their name and cant ask them about why they said that but yeah


Just start yelling the question at school until someone answer you


haven’t read this but i have always wanted to

(asbury was clearly kind of a sensationalist/racist but i feel like even if it’s horribly inaccurate it would still be kind of interesting)

(also it’s kind of a tragedy that neither GTA or RDR will ever be interesting again so we are highly unlikely to get anything like Grand Theft Horse: San Francisco, 1851)


i think Dark Messiah (Hellnight in PAL regions) and despiria also somehow fit into this canon?

i need to level up my japanese so i can actually read the influences section of the Dark Messiah strategy guide.

also would love to read something on the japanese popculture fascination with ESP and psychic girls in 80s and 90s


despiria looks insane. wow. oh my god

galerians is certainly on some shit but this is just so good. i do not know japanese at all but the potential of this footage is just… wow…


it’s probably not the only source, but i wouldn’t be surprised if phenomena was a big factor here. that movie was very popular in japan


I ignored the silent hill HD collection but apparently it gives you an option to use the old voices? But I distinctly remember there being controversy about the original voices not being included when it came out. Was that patched in or something?

What is the general feeling on this collection here at SB?


Do you have a PC newer than like 2010? I found uprezzing in PCSX2 looked better and returned my PS3 copy. There aren’t performance improvements to my knowledge and some of the effects are messed up in the port (more than they are in emulation).


my PC can’t emulate PS2, and it seems like that wouldn’t compare to the improved textures in the port?

and I wanna play widescreen

I also know about the deluxe PC edition fans just came out with, which sounds cool… but I still would prefer something I can just pop in and play


I don’t think I’d touch it without the mod but the mod is very handsome


the PC version you mean?


Yeah, but idk I haven’t paid too much attention


I find Silent Hill 2 more than anything to really suffer from increased clarity; I recently ran through it in PCSX2 and every time I tried out higher-fidelity resolutions and the like the texture of the world fell away.

Here’s an exhaustingly comprehensive look at your options by a guy who’s alright (just don’t look directly at the camera, John, please):


wow, this sure kills all interest I might have momentarily had in the PS3 port. geez.


HD Collection is on the whole, garbage. There were a number of patches to address certain glaring issues but they remained extra poor representations of both 2 and 3, any small frills amounted to very little underneath.

Native PS2 era versions or PC/emulation with proper filters is the way to go.