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I have a Xbone controller and a PS4 controller for my PC and I would recommend the Xbone pad by a mile. The PS4 controller took me over an hour to set up the first time, and every subsequent time it takes like 15 minutes just to get it working reliably. It’s a huge hassle. The Xbone pad is a great controller and just works. Plus pretty much every PC game these days is tuned for xbox style pads, with the buttons from it shown in the graphics and everything.

The only reason I’ve ever found it worth the trouble to connect my PS4 controller was when I was emulating PSX and PS2 games.


yeah the xbone pad Just Works

i prefer it in general anyway, if you run it wireless with some eneloops you get a jrpg worth of battery life



Ever since they started supporting generic Bluetooth connections at last it’s been no contest, I’m generally in the tank for Sony but as a PC controller definitely get boned


I think you can justify an Elite if you replace controllers every few years as analog sticks get loose; I’ve had mine for three years now and they’re almost perfectly tight still. A few components like that are much better constructed.


No matter what you do, get a decent USB Micro cable. I had cheapo monoprice ones, and they stopped working on me for both PS4/XB1 controllers. I never have a problem w/ my PS4 controller, but I’ve also never had a problem w/ XB1, so.

Has anyone here played Zelda 1 Randomizer? I have Zelda classic randomizer, but that’s a whole different thing…


PS4 controllers are doable on PC with DS4Windows but then you get some weird games like Dead Rising that pick up the controller and the emulated 360 controller without anyway (that I know) to disable a controller. I then turn off DS4Win and it just reads it as a generic controller but also uses generic number button prompts in game that I don’t have mentally mapped so the XB controller just ends up being the least amount of head ache in most cases.


Xbone if you want a controller that Just Works, DS4 if you want a gyro, Switch Pro if you want an Xbone controller and gyro (thought Switch Pro is only doable through Steam at the moment)

gyro aiming is good and also there’s a DS4 plugin for Cemu to emulate the Wii U tablet’s gyro (and presumably YuZu or Ryujinx would have gyro support down the line as well)


Thanks for all the advice everyone! I think I’m going to prioritise the Just Works here and go with a Bone one. Didn’t think the gyro was possible on PC though but I really don’t think he’s one to use it much.

How much do Bluetooth USB dongles differ by price though? Will a cheap one do just fine?


absolutely not, cheap USB bluetooth dongles are terrible

uhhhh can you justify just upgrading your WiFi to get one that has bluetooth on it, that’s frankly easiest


Something like this just no good then?

So some wifi cards just come with Bluetooth support as well? Not sure what his current rig is so maybe I can look into that later (celebrating him this weekend so kind of limited to physical stores at the moment).


I use that dongle and it’s fine


Microsoft also sells an official Xbox One wireless adapter that connects through the proprietary signal the console uses. I use it and it’s exactly what it should be, although my first one went bad after a year.


Yeah, you always want to go for the specific designed-for proprietary thing when it comes to Bluetooth. It seems that in order for Bluetooth not to be hopelessly unreliable, particular senders and receivers need to be calibrated and tested properly against each other – it’s barely a “standard”.

A third-party adapter specifically marketed as “For XBox One Controller” might also exist as a cheaper-than-official option that is also more reliable than generic Bluetooth dongles


mine is

and it works great but holy shit do you not want to install this into your desktop, trust me


If you’re going just bluetooth, I prefer PS4’s connectivity. I don’t know if that outweighs the ease of use, though. Also, If you’re going to get an official dongle (as opposed to straight up bluetooth), the official XB1 dongle is better than the official Dualshock dongle.


Ymer: I want a controller that just works

Felix: okay, get this mini pci-e card and…

You’re a menace, felix

A menace


I said don’t!!


Anyone playing the Pokemon Let’s Go games? Does it keep that aspect of Go that basically makes you treat each pokemon as expendable, random loot drops to be sorted by stats and sold for candy?

I am kinda interested in playing it as a chill, laid back pokemon game, but I hated that aspect of Go for how it felt like it discarded the idea that you are supposed to care for and bond with each monster in your party.


Kimimi is really liking it.


hey if i’ve never finished killer 7 is the new port good or should i just play it in dolphin one day, i think it hard locked on the first boss when i last tried in 2009 or something though i assume dolphin has come a long way since