Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


Waiting for someone to 3D print and arduino that keyboard

Put an NEC stamp on it why not

…man I miss old Japanese computer hardware


whats the monolith of literary influence of which things like galerians, baroque, blame, R.E.N.G.O.K.U. and texhnolyze take inspiration? what subgenre do u call this? neuro-horror? the horror of objectifying and dehumanizing humanity via science. the horror of ur brain hurting and crying bc you dont want it to hurt anymore and youre in a 40,000 floor tower

is there a book that wrote of images like this first or are these brand new horrorific ideas unique to a post-video game culture

ok frankenstein obviously kinda but who brought it into the neoliberal world and talked about massive unearthly structures and DNA along w/ it


Cf my posts about the crosspollination of cyberpunk and cosmic horror in anime and manga of the early 90s

Also, cordwainer smith’s influence on japanese sf is not to be underrated. Futurism as psychic/biopunk agony was pretty much his cachet. Body modification, megastructures, etc


cordwainer smith’s wikipedia page is crazy im going 2 have to check this person out thank u. anime definitely makes more sense after reading about the instrumentality of mankind


Man, all this talk about play terminology has got me thinking about the term “beat.” I use it every time I talk about reaching the end of a game, but I hate it. I don’t want to “beat” Abzu or Super Mario Odyssey; they’re beautiful places full of beautiful creatures. I have no desire to hurt 'em. I guess I could just say “finished” instead.

Maybe the bigger problem is perceiving and treating artistic works as objects for consumption rather than appreciation. Like, after looking at an art exhibit, I’m not going to say I “finished” Stuck Red/Stuck Blue.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, last week, I fathomed Riven in its entirety.


Anybody here use a PS4 Pro on something other than a 4K TV, and know what resolution it takes screenshots at?

I gotta rot in a hotel again for three weeks in a bit here, and I wanna take my PS4 with me, but I also wanna take some nice 4K screenshots while I’m at it. I know it’ll downsample to lower resolution screens, but I have no idea if captures are restricted to the display monitor resolution or what.


There’s an option in the Share settings to choose what resolution to save as, the rendered resolution or the display resolution. So you can choose to save the native “4K-ish” image or the downscaled 1080p or whatever image. You can double check yourself to make sure though.


Ah right right, I forgot about that. Thanks.


How come nobody’s tried to make an online arcade game using microtransactions for lives.

Game price in the Steam/Xbox/Whatever store: $0.25

Continues cost a quarter


We talked about this for Galak-Z as an arcade roguelike phone free to play game. I think GungHo advised them to do it differently.


Oh wait, Microsoft did make that once, it was kind of meat but redundant next to those games just being offered in the store separately:

Reading that, though, apparently you bought individual games in one go. I thought I remembered buying plays…


Tokyo 42 is part of the new “Humble Dystopian Bundle” and it looks nifty. @Felix, I saw you posting about how you were looking forward to it last year, but I couldn’t find any opinions from you after it came out. Did you like it?


not much tbh

its level design is really pretty but rarely interesting (it’s either too easy or a total mess) and its mechanics feel really free-flowing but inevitably in a dumb way, like guns constantly firing at such silly angles that they trivialize all the combat.

I had to check just now that it wasn’t published by devolver because it has that same “this was such a cool idea and you couldn’t quite put it together” vibe as so much of their catalogue


Sounds like I don’t need to bother with it! Folks who don’t already have Observer should note that it’s $15 in this bundle and extremely good.



And it had a nasty edge to the tone that really soured the toy garden world


I thought it was going to be full of fun secrets to discover is that not true


There are some secrets

Best accessed with this one weird trick


Let It Die kind of has that model


Board drives me nuts everytime Game Grumps Dan says it.


So for a pure PC controller: PS4 or XbOne? I’ve used neither and am buying it as a gift. Mostly wondering about just how much of a hassle the “unofficial DS4Windows software” is to use when the Xbox controllers just work no probs? Having the games’ button prompts match up right is also a plus.

What about the DualShock USB adapter? Is that needed or just to make things easier?

And what about the Elite? Expensive as it is, if split the cost with another buddy of ours it’s just within my price range here too.