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Growing up in Swedish we used the word “varva” which directly translates into “lap”, as in when you lap around a slower driver in a car race for example, for finishing a game.

It probably made more sense back in the day when beating games would typically just cause them to loop back to the beginning or send you back to the title screen where your only option was to play again.

Probably why I haven’t heard it much in some time and mostly just seems to have been replaced by some variant of “beat”.


disney-licensed mega drive games would refer to lives ingame as “tries”, and i think the manuals would say something weird like “chances to complete the game”

i assume this was some kind of disney licensing condition where characters weren’t allowed to die


Slightly different, but I had a family of cousins who had their own little set of names for Super Mario Bros. 3 enemies. When my cousin would be like “Stomp on that turkey!” I would respond “You mean a Koopa-Troopa. They’re called Koopa-Troopas.” I was insufferable.


Literally if your game doesn’t refer to the amount of lives left as “rest” it is garbage


Stage is great for the way it implies theater.

Scene is even better, but no one uses it.


How we feel about “courses?”


levels are levels unless it’s an endlessly looping arcade game in which case they are patterns or waves


Inapplicable outside of racing, golf, and maybe skiing/snowboarding. :smiling_imp:


“Courses” is pretty good for how it emphasizes horizontal traversal of space IMO


A pretty dumb thing about “levels” is how it’s overloaded to mean a totally different thing in RPGs. Not sure why we’ve collectively put up with that when there are so many alternate words available.

It may speak to progression fundamentals that are at the core of seemingly unrelated genres




Well hush my mouth


call them “lessons”










Everything is now a “dungeon”


Call them sessions


late to the party, but: