Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


we always said “beat”

“You beat Super Mario 3 yet?”
“Yeah you get to fly the ship at the end!”
“…so no”


I think I heard this once or twice, but usually the kids said they “conquered” it


Did anyone else know an utter maniac who called bosses captains


The last captain.
The true final captain.
The secret captain.


The mid-captain.
The second phase of the captain.


One I always heard growing up is “clocked.” Haven’t heard it in years.

“Dude, you won’t believe how fast I clocked RE2 last night.”
“Ugh, I finally clocked Yoshi’s Island, thank god.”

Related: called extra lives “extra men.” That one stuck out to me even when I was, like, six. Weird.


I can only condone this if it’s mans and not men

“I lost like, fifty mans”



I bet you call health “blood” too



my gf still says ‘win’ as in 'I can win Sonic 2 any time". it’s adorable.


really grinds my gears when someone calls their character a “toon”

Not sure why


“oh, i remember this board”


I’m blocking notifications from this thread because reading it is going to make my health boil


fyi I remember I called them “hips and mips” when I first played FF7.


Board sucks

Level is optimal, stage is tolerable


I call them pinballs tables and it feaks everyone out


When I was young, “extra mans” was the preferred term of a family who lived across the street. Their NES was connected to an alarm clock television with a screen that was only a few inches across.


Cause it’s MMO shit


i grew up with “board” for levels, “men” for lives, “tapes” for cartridges

i always liked the british (?) phrase “solved” a game but hated them calling fighting games “beat 'em ups”


Yes this is it, thank you!!


A friend of mine called gamepad/controllers “paddles” and it drove me insane.