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Think I will go with the $1 option, the feeling will surely pass


only really want it to make shitty fetish games anyway


TBH anytime anyone starts being interested im RPG maker I just automatically assume they’re going to make a tf game


The draw for the $50 MV tier I think is supposed to be all of the extra apps and addon packs.


does anyone on this forum want to explain to me how switch game decryption works for yuzu, I’m too old for this shit


right here pal




is this thing usable now?


it’s still largely single thread bottlenecked in a lot of games but it’s getting to the point where the rendering is correct and it can be fast enough in some cases


was Diablo the first game to have a significant grid-based inventory where items could take up multiple squares?
I was sure I’d find something earlier than that, but all I came up with when looking around was X-com’s 3x3 backpack you had to empty out if you wanted to stuff an alien in it.


Betrayal at Krondor (1993) had it


there’s some old ps2 action platformer starring this red haired fred durst looking dude that I think about every now and then but I can never remember what it’s called

if I recall one selling point was that it has multiple modes of play, like different vehicles and stuff?


for real thought you were talking about Viewtiful Joe until ‘vehicles’.



Yeah sounds like haven call of the King.
That was originally gonna have the travellers tales mascot but then ratchet and clank happened and they changed it to this lame dude so it wouldn’t look too similar lol


I just learned about Haven about a week ago, and when I checked the Wikipedia page, I was a bit startled to see that it was not only yet another failed first entry in a trilogy, but also one of those thinly-veiled yet incoherent Christian allegories:

And I guess the same lead designer dude is the Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut guy? Weird imprint to leave in the medium.


No Man’s Heaven:

Did not know tech like this was possible on PS2!


Are there 3DS flashcarts that play 3DS games yet?


no, but you can just put custom firmwre on there and put 3ds games on your sd card


Is there a good tutorial for this process somewhere


Also, when you were kids and beat a game, did you tell your friends you CRACKED it, or is that an Australian thing

This isn’t just aimed at loki btw


i always said “completed”, and my cousins said “conquered”