pro wrasslin'


Lionising Triple H seems correct


next three wrestlemania themes will be by swans, death grips, and yamantaka eye


Wrestlemania 40 includes a live reunion performance by Hanatarash, with Triple H riding a skull covered bulldozer through the back wall of the stadium while Eye barely misses cutting off Steph’s left arm.

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Brayan just going hard on being the best. His calling out of Boomers to Vince’s face was great.


i love how that clip of him yelling at Vince went viral among non-wrestling twitter with people being like “lol wait he’s supposed to be the bad guy??”

The New Daniel Bryan™ is some career high- level work and I want him to be champion for years.

between this, Becky/Asuka, and the potential of both Rumble matches, this is the most excited i’ve been to watch a RR in years.

i hope they give it to Kofi at least once before he retires

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DBry cut a promo on that burger in the preshow



Made of organic hemp. “Carved from the wood of a naturally fallen oak!”

Beautiful, AND sustainable.


Well this was unexpected.


Anybody know who the fuck these guys are, can’t figure it out


adam rose and billy gunn


The one on the right was an actual wrestling star! The one on the left… was Adam Rose >_>




“dear god… my name’s billy…”



anybody else watching BOSJ 26? just got caught up on Day 7, and it’s gonna be hard to top the highs of those Shingo/Marty, Osprey/ELP matches


I should, because I have the NJPW sub and I haven’t even used it for awhile, but man I got burned out over Mania weekend and the ROH part of the Madison Square Garden show really brought me down.


oh shit i should watch this


yeah i was honestly surprised at how god awful the ROH stuff on the Supercard was. i mean the ladder match wasn’t the worst but it went way longer than it should have, and having them hire Enzo & Cass to do some bullshit “worked shoot” run in nonsense in the tag match all but guarantees i’ll never watch ROH again, which isn’t very hard when tournaments like these feature Jonathan Grisham and Bandido in excellent showcases without all that dumb promotional baggage

it’s fun plus it’s a nice decent first match to show someone who’s never seen either Takagi or Scrull. Shingo is what i picture when i think of “strong and tough looking pro wrestler”

the other matches on Night 7 were great too, i think overall it’s the best night of the tournament so far