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Leaving right now to go to Raw and see the emotional retirement. Seattle crowd is always insane for Bryan, but this is gonna be a whole other level.


the feels.


I am sad and yet so …grateful that he did this instead of trying to continue. Wrestling has given me more than enough destroyed heroes, let a couple of them get out before hand.


when he dropped the line about still being a wrestler for one more night, I was hoping he would throw his shirt down and go TRIPLE H YOU SON OF A BITCH


curious about the show from a live perspective. how was it?


Pretty insane to have actually been in attendance for something that huge. Just with Daniel Bryan’s personality being the way it is and how much the real guy was reflected in his character, and leaving in his prime instead of after a long career… I can’t imagine anything quite like that ever happening again. There are always going to be huge shows and memorable moments, title changes, Wrestlemania, and the like, but this was a truly one of a kind experience and the feeling in that building when Bryan was giving his speech was just a crazy kind of electric energy. Everyone was hanging on his every word, and I’ve never quite felt that mix of excitement and sadness and… a happiness and love for this guy who is just so completely genuine. I feel pretty lucky to have been there.

Seattle in general tends to be a pretty strong crowd, and I think they lived up to that last night but perhaps there was a slightly more subdued or stunned edge because we knew what was coming. That being said, Brock Lesnar is a big enough deal that people were still fully able to get into that storyline. Huge pops for Brock throughout (more than Ambrose or Reigns for sure, though I was just cheering for Ambrose!), but crowd was also really hot for New Day, Sasha, and Sandow (who tagged with Fandango against the Ascension on a pre-show taped match for Superstars). And the 8-man tables match went over really well too, I was shocked how good it was and how good the crowd reaction was considering the time slot it had since everyone knew what was about to happen.

At any rate, I’m sure as hell not going to forget this sight for a long, long time…


Today’s Wrestling Observer Radio was great, with Dave talking about the King of the Indies tournament from the early 2000’s, and how if Danielson didn’t wrestle, if Nick Bickwinkle wasn’t there, we might not have Ring of Honor, might not have had Punk and Bryan in the WWE, and the current indie-friendly wrestling scene.


the edge and christian show debuts this week, and i can’t wait to see how terrible a wwe-produced comedy show can be
(even though are you serious was actually pretty good)(why isn’t that on the network?)


can’t condone people watching a halfassed satellite comedy sports entertainment product when their time would be better spent watching something they wouldn’t otherwise watch like

thought credit to VKM’s yearning to be seen as a legit entertainment mogul for getting him this far


i think vince has thought of the undertaker as his own personal avatar over the past decade

i think shane’s WM match is based on a bonding experience he had with his dad playing wwf smackdown! 2: know your role


reference material


Plenty of entertaining wrasslin’ out there if you know where to look. Raw is awful but WWE’s homegrown alternative NXT is pretty enjoyable.


You ain’t even fuckin ready


You can really tell when Del Rio’s been skipping leg day.




Oh God. I almost used something from those feeds for an ad lib in announcing class, only to find that it was from a joke website.