pro wrasslin'


they’re gonna put ALL IN on njpw world so i don’t have to buy a ppv or give money to Sinclair media, ty Cody


Is it going to be broadcasted at the same time or will it just be up afterwards on demand?


I guess I finally gotta figure out how to watch NJPW World on my TV. I wish they would just make a PS4 app, dammit.


Also, the NJPW mode in the Ps4 Fire Pro World is so far very adorable and fun.


it’s gonna be on demand after it airs live


All In had such great pacing and escalation, every match felt better than the previous one

i think Okada/Marty was my favorite


Damn, Roman Reigns, such terrible news


holy shit, toni storm vs meiko satomura is so good


of course, great way to make a shit PR move worse



The New Daniel Bryan is just tremendous. check out this awesome Professional Wrestling Promo that probably 50 people saw


I enjoy his heel angle is based around consumerism is bad and that’s bad because WWE wants to sell you shirts. Or at least that is where my mind went to.


Oh wow, the new Daniel Bryan, im speechless… he’s essentially that one character from First Reformed lol. We don’t often get great promos like this anymore.


gettin 'ype for wk13


Should I subscribe to Stardom World in the new year?

I want to expand my wrestling horizons and don’t feel like giving Sinclair money and I can’t get the WWE network in Canada without a cable subscription. I will probably get NJPW World for WK13 though. Sorry, this took a turn.


I watched the annual Great Sasuke Christmas extravaganza and one of these he will be too broken down for them, and that will be a very sad day.


Stardom World ain’t the worst site. They subtitle all the promos. Which kinda took away some of the magic for me cuz they’re all like “I am going to win! But even if I don’t I will do my best!” I haven’t had a sub for awhile so I can’t really talk about the current product but I’ve got friends who follow it and they all seem pretty positive. If I had money I’d sub just to see if Utami Hayashishita is as good as everyone says.

I’d also watch the janken tournament. It’s probably worth $8 to see lady wrestlers play janken.

The Great Space War was once again wonderful.

Previous 2 years I rang in the New Year at Korakuen Hall and I’m sad I’m not doing it again this year but like…fortunate I got to do that shit once, never mind twice. So I’m probably gonna renew DDT Universe and watch the big tag tournament at midnight tonight. Maybe show some of it in the SB Anime Club, even. If anyone else out there likely to have a lonely night…well…we can share wrestling together, maybe.



I am going to try to stay awake to watch WK13 because I want to ruin my day tomorrow


the anti-corporate american dragon


lol what