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The ratings thing seems like the result of a game of twitterphone.

But I love how anyone and everyone including Eric totally-respects-women Bischoff is using this to slam Meltzer, the most evil person ever to comment on pro wrestling.


That this isn’t the topic of discussion in the midst of this WOMEN’S REVOLUTION really, really pisses me off. Don’t even get me started on the absurd amounts of makeup they make these poor girls wear.


Not to overly defend WWE on this shit (because fuck, we all know they are sexist as shit about basically everything), but the makeup thing might a weird byproduct of it being a live show to a huge arena, where performers want their makeup to be visible to people sitting in the crowd, but then when shot up close on TV, it looks weird and heavy. My wife used to work in live theater and her commentary on the makeup is pretty interesting, because it was a problem they always had when someone was photographing a show. It’s a balance that nobody in WWE seems to have completely figured out, which is silly but also so in character for the organization.

But yeah, the implants thing is gross as hell and needs to stop.


Yeah but it isn’t like theater where the men have to wear makeup too. They don’t


True, you are definitely right in that.


I follow not a few of the WWE women on instagram and they often will post pics from the makeup chair and they often phrase it as “here I am getting made presentable” as if that’s not a really creepy 19th century sentiment.


yeah, the ratings thing was the first i heard ofthe whole story, but i haven’t seen any mention of it since, so it is probably wrong

the excuse that he was actually talking about breast implants sounds like nonsense though. it’s definitely a problem in wwe, but i don’t think that’s what he was talking about when he said someone was heavier.


i don’t know is anyone else does it, but i remember sasha banks posting ages ago about how she didn’t like the job any of the make up artists were doing, so she started doing her own make up


What’s the ratings thing?

I assume WWE makeup is bad cuz Dunn and Vince have no taste. Almost everyone looks way worse once they hit WWE.

Did you listen to the show and are you familiar with how Meltzer speaks? Because I did and I am and yeah, he meant implants. It was one of his dumb, awkward attempts at being tactful. “Saying she got her boobs done would be rude so…” – the internal monologue of 60 year old weirdo Dave Meltzer, probably.

It was a foolish thing to say but being familiar with the dude – a dude who’s very into bodybuilding and fitness and frequently comments on wrestlers’ physiques – and like, having actually seen Royce…pretty sure he was talking about boobs there.


One, it is… reductive to declare that an oddball seems like he has aspergers but after years of reading and listening to Meltz I think he may legit have a bit of it. He is very bad at picking up social cues and such, and it is the least surprising thing to me that he’d wade into murky waters and phrase things in just about the worst way.

Two, I’d give about 70% odds he was talking about her implants, which is still problematic but not in the exact way he was catching shit for. I understand that without context that sounds unlikely but it was both a notable deal with Peyton and her partner upon transitioning from NXT to the main roster, and Meltz has always been cagey enough to dance around when talking about cosmetic surgery and performance enhancing drugs.

Three, all the WWE people piled on in small part to defend one of their own, but mostly because they feel like he takes a ton of shots at them and they finally had an avenue in which to fire back. It perhaps isn’t fair but it is also how life works.

Four, Meltz is much more destructive when it comes to having to deal with anything regarding sexual assault and that is where he should catch every bit of shit.


I am not emotionally prepared for this NXT Takeover main event


I am late to the party but man, Kairi Sane is awesome

Women stole the show tonight, but another great Takeover overall. That was my favorite women’s match since the Sasha/Bayley ones

And for the record, NXT even does makeup way better than the main show


God, Ciampa and Gargano keep finding ways to make this feud keep going and just be so watchable. Ciampa stacking everything he could find on top of Gargano had me laughing so hard.


Time for 17 hours of Summerslam. 90% of it will be promos for the Reigns Lesnar match and they will likely keep the belt on Lesnar because we can’t just get it over with like we should have at Wrestlemania.



Becky stole the show… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a babyface turn… even more babyface




Snake’s bandana is extremely legit


Summerslam was more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be overall, though obviously TakeOver was way better.

I’m so fucking glad the Brock/Roman storyline is over though. I thought using Strowman as bait to keep people from full on revolting was smart/funny as hell, and gave us QB Brock breaking the screen, which ruled.


I get to see Jeff Cobb vs PCO vs Brody King today at Smash Wrestling. Debating getting a ticket to Monday Night Raw tomorrow