pro wrasslin'


xavier woods is also now a bomberman character


Kenny Omega went out of his way to use Cody, so we must conclude that Bullet Club is Fine

if nothing else, it’s worth it for some legitimately hilarious between round meta-wrestling smack talk

Woods and Omega are natural born showmen





LA Park is wrestler of the year and it’s not even fucking close.

Like, even if he doesn’t headline Triplemania and Aniversario he’s got this locked up as far as I’m concerned. The last few weeks have been brilliant and I can’t wait to see him shave Rush’s head.

Shut up he’s gonna shave Rush’s head.


ciampa vs gargano 1 and 2 is already better than most of omega vs okada, imho

genuinely excited to see a third match but it’s sad knowing that when they both get called up to the main roster, it’ll never be as good as this


You have about 10 minutes before LA Park fights Rush in Arena Mexico.

Their last fight involved a giant bucket filled with a suspicious white liquid and I can’t guarantee it’ll make its return at Arena Mexico but someone will probably get hit with luggage, and maybe there will be more ninja weapons??


park & rush bringing back art to the fuck finish.


Rush y Park 6/22/18 MOTY until Anivesario.

Please send me money at so I can go see Aniversario in person



No way! I used to live right by Forest Hill


Not surprising but still, boooooooooooooo.


My friends who are into wrestling showed me this video last night and I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen


My favourite thing related to this is the packaging of the action figure from a couple of years ago


This is maybe one of the few action figures I would legit not have a problem with someone leaving in the box.


I long for the days of WrestleCrap back in early 2000s. I used to laugh so hard at some of that stuff - the breakdown of Santa With Muscles was a howler


I was gifted this action figure for Christmas; it is never coming out of the box.


he fell flat on his arse
he fell flat on his fuckin’ arse


it’s (apparently) come out that dave meltzer rates womens’ matches based on how hot he thinks the wrestlers are

and he called current wwe wrestler peyton royce fat


Shocker: someone involved with wrestling is sexist.

Edit: But no really, fuck Meltzer in general. He is apologizing to high hell and back over this one, but still, if the ratings thing is true, ugh.

Double edit, given Hobo comments below and more research: Yeah, Dave fucked up, but I don’t think the ratings thing is true, and he’s trying to make up for it, so I will give him a little benefit of the doubt here.


Please provide a source for ‘Dave rates ladies’ matches with his dick’ cuz the dude spent decades talking up joshi while the rest of the world ignored it and I’m pretty sure, like, Shinobu Kandori wasn’t causing him to pitch a tent on the floor of the Tokyo Dome.

He didn’t. He said she was “lighter” in NXT. This was him talking around the fact that she got implants. Because WWE is back to pressuring women wrestlers to get implants, cuz WWE is awful and has no idea how to package talent.

Dave’s said a ton of sexist shit and his apologies over this have been even more awkward and dumb than the initial comment but, like…in the very same episode there’s a similar, much longer discussion about how mysteriously large John Cena’s belly is. It’s HGH gut, of course, but Dave doesn’t say it. He plays dumb and asks questions and lets the listener fill in the gaps. He does this all the fuckin’ time and it’s really easy to pick up Meltzerese if, like, you actually read the newsletter or listen to the podcasts.

Not recommending anyone sub, exactly. I have lots of issues with the dude – he didn’t get nearly enough shit over his atrocious handling of the Elgin story for one thing – but most of the time I see “fuck Meltzer” it’s from WWE fans who have never read the newsletter and are just regurgitating shit they got third-hand from lordsofpain dot net or @InternetHasTheScoops or whatever. I think that sucks cuz I’d really like him to be taken to task for, y’know, all the dumb shit he regularly does but I rarely see solid critiques from anyone other than, like, lucha fans.

Because lucha fans are the best.