pro wrasslin'


That spot was such a bad idea, because even if executed properly it would still look less impactful than the extremely safe apron ddt that everyone should just do if they’re going to do an apron move.
would also be nice if new japan matches would halve themselves in length, because this shit is getting absurd. a jr. title match should pretty much never be thirty minutes long


And I skip Ospreay matches because his shit looks too fake, ironically.


Man that NXT special.

Like damn.

I feel tired.


Hell of a thing.


Bruno Sammartino died and that’s a shame so let’s pay tribute to him with this promo by the Crusher.


My dad used to talk about watching Bruno when he was a kid as his uncle would always be watching wrestling on tv when possible. He always told me about this time a bad guy wrestler was beating up Bruno’s cousin or nephew (they likely weren’t really related, it’s wrestling who cares) and refusing to pin him, just beating him further and further. Eventually Bruno just storms into the ring and blasts the guy, sending him flying in the air and crashing out of the ring. My dad knows and likely knew then that wrestling wasn’t on the up-and-up (and has no problem pointing that out to this day), but even now when this instance comes up you can see in his eyes that deep down part of him still believes in this one moment.

Based on that I assume Bruno was pretty great.


His story is pretty crazy. By all means, seek out the his episode of Talk is Jericho. Hiding in the mountains of Italy from the Nazis as a child with his family, it’s incredible stuff.


Nakamura vs AJ’s Dick on its way to being Feud of the Year


Yesterday’s NJPW main event of Jay White vs David Finlay was not bad. I see money in Jay White. Finlay needs an excursion and a better look.



This is my new favorite wrestling thing.


All the Tweets I’m seeing about CIMA’s Chinese Dragon Gate offshoot are really selling me on it.



I saw Matt Riddle wrestle twice on the weekend and it was awesome. I know this has nothing to do with the AJ styles video but I still wanted to share.


wasn’t sure whether to post this here, the best images thread or the worst images thread


Jericho is a treasure.


i knew Jericho was doing New Japan stuff again but i didn’t realize that he’s been involved enough to get a belt

god bless you JeriCrow


I’m excited to get NJPW World and watch Dominion a month late.


Jericho has yet again reinvented himself in Japan and is channeling Terry Funk and it’s amazing


Xavier Woods playfully feuding with Kenny Omega on Twitter before an actual Street Fighter V tourny with New Day vs. The Elite at E3 has been a big highlight for the week