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One of the reasons I’m not a big fan of Sasha is that she often looks like she’s hurting herself more than her opponent, yeah. There was a report that Vince considered her Daniel Bryan-esque – not worth heavily investing in because she showed too little concern for her own well-being and was injury prone.

I dunno I think I’ve made multiple posts on this forum expressing concern for Tanahashi. I think I made one, like, yesterday.

I think one reason why Bryan’s been subjected to such a high level of scrutiny is because he’s probably the most open, sincere wrestler of all time. This is probably one of the big reasons why he’s so beloved. He expresses vulnerability in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Like, there’s Foley but…Foley masked so many things with humor. Foley was way more of a carny. Foley was way more self-loathing. Foley seemed resigned to being a pro-wrestler. Bryan not so much.

So we know Bryan’s had seizures and we know he’s had cognitive issues and we know he’s had serious neck problems, etc, etc. Lots of warning signs, all shared by him. A dude like Tanahashi or Cena isn’t gonna do this, not unless it’s to push another match and prove “I’m the Ace.” Like all these other guys are doing angles and Bryan’s just…Bryan. He’s kinda anti-carny.

Like I remember getting into this sport and feeling emotionally involved with wrestlers on a level I never did with anything else. Even after the death of kayfabe a lotta guys were able to blur the lines and make you buy into them, to root for them as professionals and as people. That faded as I got older, and I learned more about the business, and so many of my favs died (or murdered children). But Bryan was the lone dude who still maintained that aura for me, and it’s still there. I believe that dude’s exactly as he appears, and I’m jaded as fuck.

Bryan doesn’t feel like a character. He’s human. And maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is all some next-level kayfabe. But I can easily put myself in his shoes. I can’t do that with, say, Togi Makabe, y’know?

I can also see myself making the same decisions he’s making right now – hi I’m also an artist and I’m continually making the worst possible choices because I do not know what else to do with myself aside from continuing to make art – which is another reason why seeing him risk his life is so frustrating.


I think WWE has not done anything to earn any degree of trust in regards to safe guarding their employees independent contractors. Jinder Mahal got a lengthy world title run last year largely because he developed the kinda physique that screams “dead from an enlarged heart at the age of 45”. They had Randy Orton take shoot elbows to the head from Brock Lesnar like 18 months ago. Multiple people okayed a 56 year old Sting taking turnbuckle powerbombs. WWE’s still a fuckin’ slaughterhouse and they’ll still grind you up as long as they can legally cover their asses while doing it.

Gonna stop posting about pro-wrestling now thank you for reading.


i finally know what it feels like to be an NFL fan

i think the Daniel Bryan is “human kayfabe” angle might end up being one of their more interesting if it’s intentional and not just entirely the covering of medical professional asses.

this makes a comparison to the current Raw storyline even more weirdly hilarious when you consider the Roman Reigns angle, a real company man who takes incredible pride in being a worker 5 days a week who gets destroyed by “US marshals” and the part-time Brock monster to the point of being carried out on a stretcher, in front of a crowd that still rejects him enough to start extremely sarcastic “You Deserve This!” chants


The thing is… I mean, this kinda shows how old I am but I started watching wrestling as a kid right before WM 6 and I’ve seen a ton of wrestlers I loved end up dead, crippled or just physically destroyed. In just about all the time the only one who really came back and had it not be a mess was HBK whose back for the most part seemed to hold up while avoiding any other notable injuries.

For the longest time I would look at these favorites and wish there was a way for them to have more matches. At some point I realized that this was wrong, what I really wanted was less matches from them. I wanted Misawa to wander off into comedy 6 man tag land rather than try to carry the company on his shoulders years after he physically could (and I was there in NYC when he fought KENTA cheering him along). I wish that Benoit’s career was ended by the neck injury. I wish that Shibata’s MMA career went just a bit better. I wish Eddie never got rehired and hopefully didn’t feel the need to take all the drugs that pumped up his physique and eventually exploded his heart (although it likely ended up saving Rey’s life). I wish Takayama never returned from his stroke.

I want less Daniel Bryan matches. I want his daughter to have a dad who can fully participate in her life (if he wasn’t a dad it’d be easier to go “eh, it’s his life”). I also want Tanahashi to take some damn time off and I’m much more comfortable with the Hardyz engaging in hijinks in their back yard than working a full WWE schedule.

BTW, to copy a couple paragraphs from an article somewhere:

So yes, I am skeptical.


This all echoes so strongly the current back and forth in NHL fans. A lot of “enforcer” or “goon” type players the fans loved are dying 6 years into retirement of painkiller overdoses or suicide. And it’s all CTE.

A lot of fans bemoan that fighting is much less common and bodychecking is more strongly regulated but at this point yeah I’d rather know these guys are going to have a reasonable shot at a happy, healthy life after hockey than watch them get sent ass over teakettle in open ice for the highlight reel.


Kevin Owens changed his Twitter name back to Steen and lost his verification for the sake of kayfabe. He is a treasure.

Fuck if we get El Generico’s return…


yeah i was thinking about this too

as far as i know, El Generico never unmasked in ROH, it’d be pretty funny them coming back as their old tag team at Wrestlemania (even if it would be most likely fighting Shane and Bryan), just pretending he’s a totally separate person


Yeah, Zayn has maintained in interviews that he retired to live in rural Mexico, so he could come back, and they could just pretend he is a new dude entirely.

I actually kinda look forward to what stupid shit KO and Zayn can convince Shane to jump into. Those dudes are architects with some chairs and ladders, so if this gets a no DQ type stipulation, that could be funny as heck.


Oh shit, El Generico tweeted for the first time since 2013.


Shane is legit injured apparently, so now who gets to be dbry’s partner at WM?


maybe Bryan’s partner against Sami and Kevin will be El Generico

holy shit that would actually kind of rule

much like all the Broken Matt stuff, even though i just learned about it in the past few weeks, i love it and when it comes up again i will probably freak out


Oh man, that would be amazing. I don’t know if it would be better if someone else was El Generico, or if Sami like ducked under the ring and threw the mask on to make the tag so KO suddenly couldn’t find his partner.


i want them to bring in el generico, but as a jobber on 205 live, and they never even hint that there’s any connection between him and sami zayn


I would be 100% cool with that.


Rusev is now in the US Title match so I now care about the US Title match since it happens on Rusev Day.


pretty sure that’s why they added him to it, to make Smackdown’s most skippable segment watchable


I just worry that they are going to get him to eat the pin.

My favourite description of the US title scene compared the IC scene on Raw is that while the IC match will be great, the us title is something you skip over in WWE universe mode every single time.


Miz and Maryse had their baby girl so A) congrats to them and b) congrats to us for Miz not having to miss Mania due to it.


congrats to the best promo guy on the roster (that isn’t a Self-Aware John Cenea).
as the Miz even said it himself, if it had to come down to Tyler Black or Prince Divett at this Mania, i’d still pick him because he’s more fun.

Kevin a while before this actually sent this cryptic tweet off too

a possible Steen/El Generico return is the thing i am MOST excited about at this Mania, if you don’t count the wonderful (but totally unlikely) idea of Braun Stroman being Raw Tag Team Champion by himself (one for each Gotten Hand)


Prince Puma can take over the orphanage so El Generico can come back.


how about that Ospreay/Scurll match. my neck hurts just thinking about it.