pro wrasslin'


parodying a foreign heel gimmick in the fake 80s while wwe are unironically doing a foreign heel gimmick in the real 2017!


This tag division is hot. Tex2Badd 4ever, though.

(but no really, just let anderson and gallows run with that gimmick on the main stage already, since you aren’t letting them do much else)


Remember when Rusev was the heel for defending his wife and not wanting his wedding and party ruined by Roman Reigns? Or that he was a heel because he wouldn’t let enzo fuck his wife?

I know wrestling is dumb but those parts were so dumb last year.


Their continued ability to fuck up Rusev storylines is insane.


fuck WWE. did anybody here watch G1?

it was incredible. worth subscribing to NJPW World to watch it all.


Kota Ibushi is super good. I already knew that, but I know it again.


Nagata was definitely G1 MVP. Dude was fucking amazing. I regret not getting his autograph after Sakura Genesis now. He was signing after the show and there was a long line so I just shouted “I LOVE YOU NAGATA” and I think he kinda gave me a salute. Maybe rolled his eyes a little bit at the drunk rowdy gaijin…maybe he gets that all the time?

The NJPW shop in Tokyo had Nagata sleeping masks in January. They were gone in April. I think one side had Nagatas eyes and the other side had Nagata’s eyes rolled back into his head. It was the best wrestling merchandise I saw aside from the BJW bandaids, but I bought the bandaids and applied them all to my pro-wrestling themed arcade stick. I chose not to buy the sleeping mask. I am filled with regret.

YTR is MVP #2. Anyone hating Yano can take a hike, if you ask me. Company needs more guys who can work safer, easier matches. The G1 was excellent this year but guys were going way too fucking hard and it’s going to catch up to them and the company sooner rather than later. It also all started to blend together for me after awhile; I’ve forgotten most of the intense matches but remember the best character and comedy work. Like I can’t recall much of Omega vs Okada III right now but I remember flipping the fuck out over Okada roughing up Tenzan or the glorious stupidity of YTR vs Kenny.

Juice Robinson may have the best facial expressions in wrestling right now. He is so unbelievably sympathetic. I was considering going to Mexico to see him in the CMLL Grand Prix but my passport’s expired and an expedited renewal would cost like…as much as a flight to Mexico. Going to Mexico is really cheap, guys. Does anyone wanna go to Arena Puebla with me? We can boo Policeman together.

Also I fully believed Hiromu Takahashi was the best wrestler on planet Earth but the resurrection of Daryl has me reconsidering that. I mourned Daryl heavily yet greatly respected Hiromu for working through his grief and, presumably, moving on to new creative endeavors. But now Daryl is back, and I don’t know if I’m down with that. Hiromu is clearly on a whole other level creatively and I don’t wanna see him get stuck doing cat bullshit forever.

Though I saw gifs of him vs Dalton Castle and they were really funny so maybe it was worth it.


Yeah, I have the same issue—need to go back and rewatch a few of them just to get my memory back. As incredible as it was I am not sure I want to see this tournament in this format again. It’s a freaking miracle that nobody was seriously injured. One of the best parts was Shibata coming into the ring, taking a bump, saying “I’m still alive!!” and then leaving. I went back and watched the match where he got hurt—one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen, easily. The moment when he gets injured was unbelievably perfect—close up on him as blood starts dripping down his face after the headbutt—if he hadn’t gotten seriously injured that is. Now it’s sort of disturbing.


The Shibata return was super emotional. I posted about seeing (what better be) his final match live, and I know I talked some shit about it but I was just funnin’ cuz I was so pissed he lost. (Though he should have lost, and not just because he nearly died.) It was definitely the best match I’ve ever seen live and I feel so lucky that I was there for it. If I’d been there for his return I definitely would have been a weepy, snotty mess.

I didn’t cry at home though. Don’t doubt me. You can’t prove it.

You can remove that headbutt and nothing is lost, which makes the whole thing even sadder. They’re lucky it didn’t hurt Okada. Yet. His brains are surely already scrambled so maybe they should scale back on shit like those slaps in the G1 Suzuki match. Which was a great match and better than their IWGP match but, again…maybe didn’t need all those slaps. Even though they were…they were cool.


Tama Tonga is a star


I might subscribe to NJPW World to see Omega vs Jericho as well as Naito in the main event due to watching this video


So is Roman winning tonight or will he get his shot at BORK at Elimination Chamber?


Nakamura getting it was a nice surprise, but makes sense as they can have him go at AJ (yes) and still keep things free and clear for the Roman/Brock match we all know is going to happen. They have a couple of months to “set that up” but we all know they can just shotgun it in at the last minute because it is an eventuality.

The end of the Women’s Rumble, in terms of who won, was cool, but what the fuck was going on with the Rousey intro? I did appreciate that apparently the jacket was Piper’s, given to her by his son, so that was a nice detail.


it might not be cool to be enthusiastically positive about a major wwe show, but i loved the royal rumble all the way through


It was great to see the huge reaction to Rey Mysterio, after like 3 straight Rumbles where he got sent down there in the wrong place & time and was booed out of the building. That probably felt good for him.


I could have done without the two minutes of pointing and weird handshakes. Rumor is that they are still figuring out what the plan is for her at Wrestlemania. Either against Charlotte or a mixed tag with either The Rock or Kurt Angle against Stephanie and Trips.

I really enjoyed both Rumbles. It was a nice mix of old and new. I’m over the bar vs rollins + jordan thing but the tag scene on Raw is usually pretty thin.


Do we close the thread now?


Go to CMLL and do the Blue Panther match or stay home, Bryan.

Lucha’s the only thing worth risking further brain damage for.


So he’s getting added to the KO/Zayn/Shane match, right? How does that even align? Also, they should fight for control of Smackdown, and let Zayn win since even KO has said (back when he was feuding with Zayn) that he was way too good at booking stuff.


If that dude agrees to come back for a meaningless undercard tag match with fuckin’ Shane McMahon on a WWE show that’s proof CTE is real and very serious and he should never be allowed to wrestle again.