pro wrasslin'


I mean, the story all along according to him is that he was pressuring them to come back, and WWE was telling him nope, so I don’t even know.


what do you think he’s just going to do this one match and never wrestle again? cuz yeah, it’s totally indicative of brain damage that he’d want to live and work in the country where he is a citizen for way more money and acclaim and still have great matches than to move his family to Japan to do all over what he did ten years ago. makes perfect sense.

count on Bryan/AJ, Bryan/Nakamura, Bryan/AJ/Nakamura, Bryan/Zayn, Bryan/Owens, Bryan/Cena rematch… on and on.

the elitism of some pro wrasslin’ fans never fails to astound me, nor the pretense to medical knowledge


Why would I want to see Bryan work with any of those washed up chodes when I could see him take on true warriors who are still in their primes like Atlantis or L.A. Park or Black Terry.



Pro-wrestling is a work. Wasting the return of the most beloved American wrestler of the decade on an undercard tag match…not a great idea for any of the parties involved? Leaving a lot of money on the table. Never mind how awful it is as, like, entertainment compared to anything else they could be doing with the dude.

Unless he’s getting a Lesnar-style contract going independent means he can make just as much (or more) money doing less work that’s far more creatively fulfilling. He doesn’t have to move to Japan. Who the fuck moves to Japan? And who the hell is showering current WWE workers with acclaim? Isn’t 90% of the fanbase people who just bitch about how awful it is and how much they hate Roman yet continue to watch anyway.

Like why would I want to see a single one of the matches you listed over Bryan vs ZSJ or Naito or Okada or Rush or Hiromu or Miyahara or Nick Gage or Walter or Kraneo.

Have you seen Kraneo? He’s really fat.

“I’m astounded by such elitiism!” isn’t exactly something I ever expected to read on but here we are. Always nice to be accused of elitism when you care about the financial and physical wellbeing of artists though.


I mean, he literally could have done that whenever he wanted to, though? The only thing making him not wrestle was the WWE docs; his docs all said he was fine, so if he wanted to go to Japan or whatever, he probably could have already?


Nope. They froze his contract because he was injured. He repeatedly asked for a release so he could work elsewhere and they refused. On the one hand that’s good – dude should not have been wrestling. On the other…still scummy?

I believe they unfroze it once he became Smackdown GM.

They did the same thing with Rey years ago. I think he was at home an entire year prior to becoming a free agent.

They’re clearly not forcing him to wrestle so I hope he’s getting a super fat contract. Like if you’re gonna work for the fascists…hope you’re at least getting guaranteed millions a year?

I suppose a post-WWE run could be just as huge regardless of how his WWE run ends though. Contract’s supposed to be up at the end of the year, though I don’t think it expires in time for All In.


He’s been Smackdown GM for like a year though, so…?


His contract runs out in August. They clearly knew he would be leaving and will likely give him whatever he wants to stay. This is as much the reason for clearing him as his health, he’s been good to go for years now, despite what armchair internet MDs have to say.


Wait I thought he had brain damage? Wouldn’t working a hard Japanese style be obviously a lot worse for his health than working WWE? I mean if you’re so concerned for his physical well being and all


Yeah. WWE can freeze your contract for the duration of an injury and I think it maxes out at a year? Pretty sure they had to start using him as talent or release him. So they put him on Smackdown.

He didn’t want to be GM. He’d just enrolled in college classes. He was looking to put wrestling behind him. But the boss came calling and he was still under contract and well…

Wait. He’s been good to go for years even though WWE medical – the same WWE medical that just cleared him – said otherwise. And he visited doctors who also gave him conflicting diagnoses. And I believe the major breakthrough came thanks to that new hyperbaric therapy, which allegedly showed provable results.

So just how on-line is Dr. Maroon.

If I’m going to watch a grown man pretend fight and give himself brain damage doing it* I’d prefer it be with the best available talent with lots of creative freedom and, most of all, for companies that aren’t deeply involved with the fascists who currently run my country.

But ok I guess this is just all a pose on my part because…???

Edit: Also Japanese style being worse for you than WWE is some real deal bullshit. Do you ever watch NJPW spot shows? They’re like 80% Tananhashi playing air guitar and YTR juggling DVDs.

*This is pretty much inevitable regardless of what kind of style you work and one of many reasons pro-wrestling is an awful thing.





Did u mean 2 say…



Wake Me Up When Shibata’s Retirement Ends


Shibata’s going to the trainer at the NJPW California Dojo, so at least he still is a part of the business.


Bryan resurrected this thread so now is my opportunity to tell all to subscribe to right this instance. Right now. It’s free* and you definitely are going to want to see Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Suwama in the year 2018. * until April 1st


When I was in Japan a few months ago I met Yoshitatsu and I stupidly blurted out “I loved your work in Mexico.”

This was the meanest thing I’ve ever said to anyone. If I could take one thing I’ve ever said it might be this. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.

He was fun with Miyahara and it’s nice to see he’s doing better now. AJPW is pretty great now and I’ll be signing up for that shit and hopefully watching it more than I have my Stardom or DDT subs.


When and if I ever find a job again and can pay off some of my credit card, I am signing up for NJPW World, Honor Club and AJPW.


I mean, I’d rather Bryan never wrestle again (the dude in interviews after retiring talked about having random seizures he was hiding from loved ones, the talk that “he’s been healthy and WWE doctors are just holding him back” is literally the most insane notion I’ve seen take hold in the fanbase in at least a decade as his brain clearly suffered a degree of damage) but if he is going to I’d rather it be working in a place that has some oversight over him, so I guess this is the best possible situation if he insists on continuing his career. My fear was his WWE contract expiring and it being on him to determine if he is concussed or not as virtually his entire career stands as evidence that he just doesn’t have it in him to pull back or protect himself in such a manner. Now here’s to hoping he gets a Lesnar-esque schedule.


This is how I’d feel if they’d made an effort to rein him in after his previous injuries, but they didn’t. Plus they booked him with fuckin’ Sheamus immediately after his last return which just screamed “We want you to suffer a concussion ASAP.” And what do you know…

Like remember when they had Sting taking turnbuckle powerbombs. I don’t think things have changed much since then.

I really don’t want to see the dude wrestle. I have seen so many of my favs die. It got so bad I stopped watching for a long, long time. I don’t trust WWE to take care of him. I don’t trust NJPW either – hi Tanahashi, please take a long break before you become the next Hashimoto – but I do think that environment is more receptive to a lower impact style. Which he wouldn’t work. He’d do dumb shit.

So I hope the dude follows through on all that big talk and goes to Mexico to learn all sorts of weirdo lucha matwork from a bunch of 60 year olds. Then he goes around the world teaching everyone they don’t need to get dropped on their fucking neck to tell a compelling story.

And the dude’s real smart so there’s a slim chance such a thing might happen.

But ideally he’d just stay home and raise a family and enjoy it.