Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


If you want to know why I’m insufferable it’s because I got to have conversations like this daily for four entire years

Their episodes are little art objects, I don’t think plugs are a thing they would do. Maybe in one of their bonus episodes. I don’t even sub to their Patreon, I’m absolutely an evil person. Actually I’m gonna do that


I listened to an episode and it felt a lot like conversing with you at the meetup so yeah its very obvious that you know these people.


I’m going to go ahead and take that as a huge compliment!


I think you did in some thread, because I’ve been listening to them for a while on what I think was your recommendation!


Holy wow the Sessions skit in ep 10


I could not believe how visceral and gruesome the Cosmo article they read in episode 28 was. This show is good.


I was listening to Episode 17 of the Relentless Picnic podcast at work and was caught off guard by the entire episode. It was very difficult to get through. recommended, but not for work. Do they only post new episodes to Patreon now?

Don’t wander too far into the darkness!


Binged the lot
I think this might be The Best White Podcast


No, they just release episodes very rarely.


Damn you lucky.

Listening to their latest one now, talking about democracy. I love it.


The new episode was really good, agreed. I’ve been listening through the show’s archives myself and it really is something special. I’ve never seen SB rally around a random podcast like this before and I think that’s a testament to its quality.


I’d never heard Carter’s presidency dissected in that manner, and I’m a huge Perlstein stan even


i didn’t know the snexploration squad podcast had a webcomic page and i’m mesmerized by it

props to whoever did these


Those gems are courtesy of @VirtualClint!


New Models is so sick everyone listen 2 that


I don’t typically listen to pure comedy podcasts, but I’ve been enjoying Episode 1 recently. Every episode of the show is the first episode of a different fictional podcast. It’s two main guys with occasional guests. The thing that makes this show stand out for me is how deeply they commit to their characters and how fully they construct a world over the course of the episode. Occasionally I’ll tune out for a bit and snap back to a super elaborate joke that’s like 15 nested riffs in.

Some of the episodes can be really dark to the point that it’s tough to listen to though, like their one that parodies MRAs. But I found these two to be really light-hearted and super funny.

A sports show that creates a magical realist mythology centered around the 2004 Detroit Pistons. I’m not into sports but this had me rolling:

A trio of passive aggressive rich men snipe at each other in their fancy manor:


Been listening to a few episodes of The Film Reroll, and I’m enjoying it. Nothing Earth-shattering, but it’s fun and occasionally funny. Basically they take a movie and run through it in a customized GURPS system, then see how the story develops differently than the movie it was based on.

Improv people seem good. I like Jocelyn Vammer the best, who it looks like has been in… nothing so far.

Standout episodes:

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Basically the DM doesn’t tell the players they’re in this movie. He instead tells them they’re in an obscure 80’s sex romp called Summer Spell, and forbids them from looking up any info on IMDB. The players slowly start to piece it together as they play, which is delightful.

Kind of wish the DM kept it all a secret from us, as well as the players, but, I guess they didn’t want to run the risk of people being angry to find a secret horror movie in their harmless romp:

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I mostly just love the voicework and character work in this. The story also goes completely off the rails in a very RPG sort of way. A fun listen.

They can sometimes get side-tracked in annoying obscure-reference back-patting, which is like, a thing I notice improv people always do a lot, and it sucks. Doesn’t happen often, but annoys the shit out of me when it does.


The whole Waypoint stable has really hit its stride:

  • Waypoints (weekly show-and-tell with articles and media)
  • Be Good and Rewatch It (rewatch podcast, recently did The Purge series justice for a non-horror person)
  • Waypoint 101 (deep dive on a particular game)
  • Waypoint Radio (videogame news (honestly the worst of the bunch because, well, videogame news)

I love the staff that Austin Walker put together and it would be a patreon sub if they weren’t on Vice’s dime.


i happened upon this nerd business today and i sort of rocked back and forth on the fence for a while but tbh it’s great https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/doorsanddungeons

the host knows her shit and is just so infectiously uncritically enthusiastic, if yall aren’t the audience for this then probably nobody is


nymphowars has been blowing my mind