Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


So holy shit is Relentless Picnic good. I’m absolutely loving this podcast.

How on Earth did you guys find this gem?


They’re my irl friends


I’ll always remember the time the late Roger Ebert recommended that people follow the George Lazenby twitter account, thinking he was the actual George Lazenby.




art and labor pod is solid, for something so nyc-centric it’s pretty chill


I just finished listening through the backlog of Relentless Picnic and it is seriously the best podcast. I subscribed to their Patreon today, and there’s a lot of bonus stuff there, including what appear to be full on episodes (though perhaps with less worked-over conceptual editing).


I enjoyed the PC-98 episode of this. It was good. I wish I owned a PC-98.


I didn’t get into Greatest Generation but I really like Friendly Fire. It’s a war movie podcast and it has gotten me to watch films it talks about.


if you need another vote, relentless picnoc os incredible


Where I’m at now is: Every new Relentless Picnic episode release feels like a holiday. And the new one is fantastic. The stuff about Brothfee made me totally lose it.


Yeah I breathed well on the commute this morning
Love how they do the decent thing of skipping any kind of personal intro such that I’ve caught every upload and have no idea who these guys actually are

Can’t help but be drawn to that purity


The stories I could tell…


I guess millennial wine moms are getting in on the leftist podcast grift?


Talk about an uncharitable take! I listened to their episode about May Day a while back and I thought it was fine.

I wouldn’t really call the recent blooming of leftist podcasts a grift, I think of it more like the podcast is the new cheap printed pamphlet for the internet age. Socialists used to hand out their screeds on the street corner; now they put them on iTunes. No one’s getting conned.


idk I personally miss the days of being able to listen to messy women on the internet without having to ascertain whether they were tankies


Admittedly I’m being super judgey but the “about” page is concerning a bit.


Yeah, that about page is obnoxious, I agree. The podcast itself didn’t really have that tone.


No, I agree with you. I think anything we can do to expand the Overton Window in this regard is something I welcome.


Can someone tell me what a “grift” is? Is it another twitter thing?


It’s just a word for a scam, basically, and it is pre-internet.