Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


SotB is fine, I just wish it was funny because I need all my sociopolitical shows to be funny


I feel very blessed to not have that requirement in my own podcasts


I listened to two recent ish eps of SotB and I thought it was pretty bad.

Not left enough, too white feminist


finally checked out The Relentless Picnic because of this thread and it is as good as y’all said, going through the back catalogue now. i liked the one where they talked about the For All Mankind documentary/ the Moon at large.

also checked out the Beyond Yacht Rock podcast which i have been greatly enjoying. i loved the Yacht Rock show back when Channel 101 was a thing and this is a good continuation of that kind of humor. I really like the banter between all the dudes.

i love me a good “i wish i was in the room while all these nerds were shooting the shit” group hang podcast and now i got two more


Chapo CPAC podcast was consistently entertaining, I’m always impressed by their knowledge of the Republican bestiary.


I lol’d at this incredibly precise and accurate phrase


I’d definitely rank that as one of their best episodes. It’s right up there with the Caleb stuff.


“girls chat” is so weird. their guestlist so far has included the likes of molly soda, john mcafee, daniel keller, roosh v (they try to convert him into becoming an armenian orthodox christian priest)


Really excited about this.


I guess this explains this tweet from a few months back.


i started listening to “game dev unchained” to fall asleep but the hosts seem like really nice and smart people and i somehow get a lot of inspirational energy from people talking about their success/failure/existence stories in the world’s most shitty and draining media industry



@Felix idk if you’re listening to chapo these days but today’s episode starts off with your boy virgil on that anti-natalist shit. Juul for the juul god.



I do still listen but I usually save it for commutes and I’m not in the office until tomorrow

also I absolutely do not believe this is a widely defensible position so I’m not sure I want to be your first point of reference for it lol


Oh, I mean, foremost I have you filed as a virgil-liker and it’s definitely tongue-in-cheek.