Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


“well of course the blacks/women/etc wouldn’t address this because its in their interests to keep mum and ride so alas it must fall on we the not slightly paranoid and cynical at all to Tell It Like It Is”


ohhhh they’re australian lol


Margaret Thatcher, 1987: there’s no such thing as society

bad millennial left podcasters, 2019: every unsolicited dick pic is actually an exciting blackmail opportunity


there’s a really good bit somewhere in here about men desperately wanting women to just tell them what to do and this being the best way they can think of to facilitate that but I think writing it would require the rhetorical equivalent of snaking out a toilet


i wish the entire world was made up of ex-high school bully graduate students emotionally tortured by materialism and knowledge of history so people wouldnt fight so much. everyone’s meanness would just get canceled out


We might be getting there


revenge of the bullies (getting degrees and having a patreon)



there’s this podcast where a guy tells the story of the water margin (a.k.a. all men are brothers), a classical chinese novel.

i haven’t actually listened to it, because i thought to myself: shouldn’t i just read the book first? now i’m torn.

(anyway what do you think of that novel @u_u or anyone else who might know it)


Rad! I do not have extreme opinions about the book, I think @tulpa does though actually. I would say it is probably one of those things that miiiight be better in theory than in practice, but I do not have as much patience for long-form Chinese fiction like this and tend to prefer the more bite sized anecdotal stuff.

For me the optimal way to consume this novel is the Shaw Bros. film, which only adapts a handful of chapters from it and has a killer soundtrack.

Some of the characters who are meant to be heroic do some pretty shady stuff in this, like murdering women and children level stuff! When they say anti-hero, they mean anti-hero. This is not entirely a “well it was a different time” type of thing, as one of the early-ish critics of the novel was so irritated by it he wrote his own ending where they all get executed in the end!


outlaws of the marsh is my fav of the four classics