Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)

this isn’t music but you can put it in your ears

My Brother, My Brother and Me – three brothers answer Yahoo! Answers questions and listener submissions and go on lots of silly stream-of-consciousness tangents.
if you like this then also check out their D&D podcast The Adventure Zone

Bonfireside Chat – a level-by-level breakdown of the Souls games. Pretty decent analysis and the hosts are good-natured dudes who are pleasant to listen to.

Analyze Phish – the late Harris Wittels (RIP) tries to convince Scott Aukerman to enjoy Phish.
if you like this then also check out U Talkin’ U2 To Me? which is partly Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman talking about U2 but mostly just dicking around and saying “Achtung, Baby” in silly voices.

i’ll assume you’re all familiar with The Select Button Dot Net podcast and don’t need it linked to you. Rest assured it has my endorsement (****1/2 stars, “jeux sans frontières”)


Good suggestions all around.
Analyze Phish was so good… I still have it on my feed and get sad whenever I see the last update was July 2014.

The MBMBAM guys did a Thanksgiving podcast called Till Death Do Us Blart with the Worst Idea of All Time guys, where they will watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 every Thanksgiving until the world ends. It was my first exposure to the MBMBAM guys but now I listen to them regularly.

Speaking of which, the first season of Worst Idea of All Time was something special (particularly the Christmast/New Years episodes where their despair was at the apex), but I expect I’ll be in the minority on that opinion.
The second season has its ups and downs, but getting regular sponsors and the Wolfpop endorsement has changed the tone of the podcast so much I’m not sure if its worth keeping up with any more.

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Oh shit i totally forgot about Worst Idea of All Time, that’s a great 'un
i will listen to Till Death Do Us Blart ASAP~

I’m the kind of terrible person who preferred Comedy Bang Bang! when it was Comedy Death-Ray but whatever you should still listen to it and you should also listen to The Flophouse even though i’m annoyed with myself for only being able to come up with Earwolf or Maximum Fun podcasts. Such a corporate shill.

I can’t speak to whether The Best Show Podcast was better as a radio show, because i didn’t know who Tom Scharpling was until he was the best cartoon dad ever on Steven Universe, and i only knew Jon Wurster as the drummer from the Mountain Goats. Don’t let that stop you. From listening. to the best show podcast .

Oh shit wait if you like Doctor Who then listen to anything in the Pex Lives collective. The Shabcast is my favorite, Jack Graham is a really interesting erudite dude (he’s… erdudeite.) and his guests are always fun and interesting. interesting. INTERESTING. INTERESTING Pex Lives itself is also nice if you’re an oldschool Doctor Who fan, just two dudes Talkin’ Who To U. and then there’s Eruditorum Podcast which is nice enough if you can tolerate Phil Sandifer. (i can but he’s not everyone’s cuppa.)

These things are my drug, well other drug

Best Show
Uhh Yeah Dude
Dana Gould Hour
Yeast Radio
Guys We Fucked
I Seem Fun
Shallow Rewards
Beat Connection
Reply All
LSE Lectures
Lexicon Valley
I Don’t Even Own A TV
Trash Twins
Travis Bickle on the Riviera
99% Invis
Partially Examined Life

And a bunch more

Almost entirely US-based, which doesn’t surprise me whatsoever


My 2 current faves that more people should be into:



Oh my god how haven’t I thought of this before. This has to be the new site motto.

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http://28playslater.chainsawsuit.com/ - kris straub, paul verhoeven, talking videogames, really really great+hilarious stuff


I’ve been really enjoying You Must Remember This, a podcast about all sorts of forgotten movie history I was only vaguely aware of prior to listening


Thanks for suggesting this! I watched ‘Grown Ups 2’ before I started it which maybe was a mistake since they express that the listener should NOT watch the movie, but I really like knowing what they are talking about. Can’t wait to see where they end up, I am only about 1/5th of the way into Season 1.

thanks for mentioning this! i’m enjoying it a lot so far.

the dm makes some first-time mistakes (mostly just telling players stuff he probably shouldn’t) but the group dynamic is great and it’s getting gradually better as i go

i think it also comes a lot closer to the “ideal” 5e session, as intended by wotc, than any other group i’ve seen, adventure path or otherwise. combat is actually resolved quickly, character creation is painless, the dm brings a decent amount of personality out of everything

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The Truth

A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness

Song Exploder

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if yall could mark down what topics are discussed on each podcast that would be great! looking for more vidcon pods specifically

@stylo dont’ remind me I have hinge problems to edit (thank you if you listen to HP.)

There is Fucking! American Lazers which has SB/ex-SB people doing it. I’ve meant to try it, but the name has turned me off.

I second 28 plays later. There are like two steps away from making SB-level observations. I appreciate Paul’s overflowing enthusiasm for GAMING. It is a god damn monster at video game consumption and I’ve found at least two indie things that were really cool from him. I think anything with Kris Straub (Krabs Tranp) (Kraus Taurb) the best. You can search your podcast app and find like 6 different things he’s done with various people. (I didn’t really like the chainsawsuit podcast (the strip is great).)

The podcast that makes me the happiest is Jordan Jesse Go! . It is two white men talking with a guest.

While they seem to be poison to a lot of people, Penny Arcade’s DnD Adventures are excellent entertainment, espeically when they switch to live events.

I wish any video game podcast was as insightful as Pop Rocket is about pop culture. I really enjoy them and their perspective not being “white straight cis male.”

I guess My Reccomendations can be broken down to Kris Straub (Kusp Strag) and anything on Maximum Fun.

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if you cornered me at the right moment i might say this is my favorite podcast but i definitely wasn’t even going to mention it unless someone else did first if for no other reason than that it’s like being cast 50 pages deep into the most impenetrable joke thread sight unseen and i don’t know what the entry point for that is

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This is among my favourite experiences so I might check it out

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Just stopping in real quick to say that I’ve never played a single microsecond of D&D but I’m hopelessly addicted to this podcast.

I had a business trip with 6+ hours of solo driving and listened to it nonstop, with further listening in the hotel. Their dad is the shit.

Also now I want to play D&D super bad.


Yeah it made me feel the same way re: D&D!

From the Brothers McElroy Empire I also like SAWBONES. Tried to listen to some of Travis’ other projects but no. The least talented brother is the one who went full Professional Podcaster 24/7. The funniest (Griffin) is the one without any non-brothers audio content. I mean until he started that one with his wife a couple weeks ago. Maybe it’ll be worth it for non-Bachelor watchers idk

Tragedy of pod.

BLANK CHECK with Griffin & David (formerly Griffin & David Presents) is a fine two dude yammering about movies with the occasional guest podcast. They did three ten-episode Star Wars miniseries, one for each of the prequels, with the gimmick that they pretend to not know about the original movies. It’s a rollercoaster of hope to crushing despair over and again.

(Th-thanks @tulpa.)

BLACK MEN CAN’T JUMP IN HOLLYWOOD is also pretty good.

HELLO FROM THE MAGIC TAVERN can be hit or miss re:the laffs but its consistently a genial time waster and often focuses on how many buttholes a shape-shifter has (and wants to have) in his badger form.



Everyone join me in subscribing to the ANCIENT WARFARE PODCAST from Ancient Warfare Magazine and listen to grumbling academics passive-aggressively snipe one another over the minor details of who can really be considered successors to the Hittites or whatever.



Some Detroit dudes do the talking about movies thing, but with Actual Legwork like lengthy interviews with persons involved in the production. Often focuses on cult/exploitation stuff, but Big Hollywood is not off limits. Corrals their (often embarassing) ads into a single mid-episode block. Known for their Pretty Good ROBOCOP ep and a CONAN THE BARBARIAN 'cast of heroic (7 hour) length.

I’m looking forward to this: http://www.polygon.com/forums/meta/2016/1/11/10752230/we-need-help-naming-a-new-gaming-podcast