Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


Their musician is the best Axis of Awesome guy. Damn.


Lately I’ve been pretty into DRESSED, a how stuff works family 'cast about FASHION HISTORY.

plz be aware it’s probably peak white woman


Unravel is the not-so-white-women equivalent btw, is fine


Mic Dicta does an excellent job of chronicling the misadventures of the dumbest man to pass the New York bar


I’ve been listening to, uh… R U Talking U2 To Me and R U Talking REM RE: Me, and haven’t really been feeling them (not a fan of either band), but I really enjoyed the Staind Glass episode (especially the chunk about hiring just a drummer to play at a party). I also found out that The Andy Daly Pilot Podcast Project was back, which I loved in 2014 (especially Hail Satan with Chip Gardener), but again, I haven’t been feeling any of them too much (the first episode was decent, though).

I didn’t realize that Comedy Bang Bang is basically the same thing as the Andy Daly Podcast Project, so I’ve been listening to that. The best episodes so far are anything with John Gabrus (as Gino the Intern) and Lauren Lapkus. Fuck Stitcher’s garbage website, though. These podcasts have episodes in the 500s, and you have to click “Load More” to load 4 at a time. And then when I want an MP3 download, I have to inspect an element, because there’s apparently no direct download link (even though I’m paying them!). Podcast networks can eat shit if this is how they’re all going to be.

I wanted to check out Panning the Stream (whatever it’s called, Dan Rykert’s podcast about watching random shit on streaming sites), but whatever goofy podcast network they use doesn’t seem to have a download link, so fuck it.


People keep bringing this up, should I listen to it

If public defenders could have a podcast it would absolutely obliterate


Yeah, check it out, they don’t release regularly because they’re busy but it’s no bs legal news with weird twitter humor


I listened to most of the most recent episode on the way to work today. It’s like, it’s fine. Talking about Supreme Court cases is both boring and infuriating, though to their credit they pretty much say the same thing.


I am adoring Chris Gethard’s Beautiful\Anonymous. The Thomas’s English Muffins ASMR promos are a bit much, though.


I just got into the utopian leftist comedy podcast Srsly Wrong and I am enjoying the hell out of it. It’s two dudes with Iain M. Banks style utopian socialist politics. They’re super sensitive, well-spoken, and very funny in an uplifting, positive kind of way. I really appreciate their focus on not just diagnosing what’s wrong in our society, but also talking concretely about how to build a better world.

The show’s format is pretty interesting. Each episode focuses on a particular issue. Sometimes they interview experts, and sometimes it’s just the two of them. Over the course of the episode, they break up their discussion with a bunch of short comedy skits that expand on the conversation and provide useful examples of concepts they’ve been discussing. They’ve got some of the only actually funny skits I’ve ever heard in a podcast.

These are a few of my favorite episodes I’ve heard so far:

Bullshit Jobs with David Graeber

Discussion about what it’s like to have a job that obviously does not need to exist. They have a lot of fun describing different categories of job like this, and talking about the low-level spiritual violence that having a job like this does to you.

Misanthropy is a Death Cult!

A dissection of why believing humanity is inherently evil and shouldn’t exist is actually a terrible perspective that leads you to beliefs and behaviors that could only be held by members of a… DEATH CULT. Includes a very satisfying repudiation of Malthusianism.


The hosts invent a goofy Blue Shell policy proposal, where they use the metaphor of the Mario Kart Blue Shell to talk about appropriating Jeff Bezos’ wealth to end homelessness.


All Units is a film podcast that compares two thrillers every other week. The host is great, super enthusiastic without seeming false. In the weeks between there’s sort of a general-interest-but-usually-about-the-internet show called Calling All Units in the same feed. The episode on Rammellzee is a favourite.


They did an episode about The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On? Hot damn, I am gonna check this show out.


yeah the film selection is consistently great. found some new favourites bc of that show


anyone into Your Kickstarter Sucks


i wld recommend relentless picnic
relentless picnic
relentless picnic to basically anyone but especially 99% of people on this forum

soundcloud patreon some writeup about it


This looks really interesting, just downloaded the episode where they analyze toxic masculinity by way of reddit posts about the supernatural.


Oh wow!

These guys were all my good friends in college, Erikk was my freshman roommate and is one of my best friends in the world.

I guess I should’ve mentioned it here huh


They should plug no rangers allowed


UPDATE: their episode on redditors’ supernatural stories made me laugh a lot, two thumbs up.


As soon as they started dunking on Malick I was in love
It’s like a drunk Partially Examined Life this thing, subbed