Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


Yeah this is such a pain. I will try to mess with it soon.



I haven’t actually listened to any other episodes of Woodland Secrets but the most recent one had everyone’s favourite @Sleazy on and was a real good time.


tim rogers (peace be upon him) was on there a while back


Wait what the hell, there’s a podcast out there interviewing legendary sbers? What is this??


It’s a very good podcast!! It has had many excellent guests


Anyone know of any, like, ghost-story or horror-story-themed podcasts? I’ve got a friend who works at a haunted house and fucking loves horror movies, she’s looking for something weird and interestingly creepy to listen to. She’s not really into gore or violence for their own sake, but if it’s in service of some creepy tension it’s OK.

So far I’ve been told to check out Night Vale, and Spooked by Snap Judgement.


I am going to speak in bad code here but Bhe Tnfinite Tad was advertised on one of the Maxfun casts recently as a lovecraft d&d adventure. I got three episodes in and had to bail. There was nothing had happened outside of one semi-good joke and lessing patience of having to endure good normal people as entertainment.

So don’t listen to that podcast I mentioned in unbreakable code.

Nightvale felt a little like Praire Home Companion in that I had fell into an alternate world and had no idea what the fuck was happening. I got more enjoyment out of being slack jawed af PHC.


Yeah there’s nothing worse than utterly benign, wholly composed, completely uninteresting identical dudes trying to do a dramatic narrative


Then you’re in luck


Been enjoying this show the last couple of days. Tries to get really comprehensive info on sound hardware and stuff–wirth reading the comments for sorrections and things though.

(Looks like the latest episode gets embeded when I link the account)

Soundcloud only unfortunately, so no RSS feed or anything useful like that.


Whoa hello I’m a month late but

Mask of Inanna is pretty good! It’s slow at first but eventually becomes pretty rad. It’s a mixture of old-timey-style horror radio and a modern narrative podcast about an old man who’s important to a cult, specifically for the aforementioned radio show he narrated in the 50’s.

It’s not…scary exactly, but it gets at some interesting lovecraftian themes (without being racist!!) and has a lot of fun characters.


yea no cartridge. check out their guest list/topics and u’ll get a sense of why it good. basically a who’s who of the weird twitter left + games i really like:

  • esporps/CSGO
  • patreon + marx
  • drewtoothpaste, bronzehammer, boring_as_heck, ed zitron, sexualjumanji
  • kc green
  • boringstein
  • jack smith IV
  • my friends emma @surfbordt and lena @lbourgie
  • leyawn
  • chris person of kotaku (@papapishu)
  • scott benson of night in the woods /PGH DSA
  • etc


Absolutely in love with Beyond Yacht Rock right now, a podcast by the guys that made the Yacht Rock youtube series like 10 years ago.

Every episode they create a new genre and just talk about it, playing examples and bullshitting. They’re really knowledgeable about the history of a lot of different genres, they’re not toxic or shitty, they’re longtime friends so they have a pretty easy way of getting under each other’s skin, and they’re great at just letting the conversation move organically and grow without letting it derail into boring or pointless tangents. It’s good listening.

Some genres I particularly liked:

  • Sex Me Ups: Songs about the singer saying they want to fuck specifically you the listener, on no uncertain terms, with no flowery or metaphorical language. These are songs that have to make a teenager think “gee willikers, if I walked into this room right now, she/he would want to go down on me!!

  • Easy Wickening: Satanic or pagan-themed music that like, mostly sucks rather than rocks. Whereas Black Sabboth went one way, these bands went the other way, both having pretty similar lyrical stuff but completely different ways of delivering it.

  • Try-N-Raps: The weird, misguided white-guys-told-by-producers-to-add-light-rapping-into-their-music-to-stay-relevant era that hit between 78-85.

One ep that gives a decent feel for the show is Nyacht Rock, where they go over songs people put on their Yacht Rock lists, that doesn’t really fit the concept of the genre.

I particularly liked David Lyons absolutely losing it and unable to hold back his rant about Jimmy Buffet at 31:44:

“Smooth is not the same thing as mellow. Smooth implies a coolness, like you’re suave and you’re polished - there’s a fire inside you, but it’s a well-tended fire. You gotta keep that fire burning. When you’re mellow, it’s like you’re trying not to experience any emotions whatsoever. That you’re trying to kill off what’s inside of you, until your entire soul is dead, and Jimmy Buffet’s soul is dead.”

“Jimmy Buffet fans are fucking juggalos with desk jobs.”

“Jimmy Buffet does for music what ISIS does for the Muslim religion.”

Also: Here’s their Yacht Rock music playlist.

(@Sleazy - I feel like you’d be into this)


Omnibus describes itself as “an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories,” hosted by John Roderick (Roderick on the Line, The Long Winters) and Ken Jennings (yes, that Ken Jennings). I would describe it as a somewhat more esoteric sibling of Stuff You Should Know with better hosts.

The Next Picture Show, part of the Filmspotting network, is a roundtable show where four film critics discuss a new release and how it relates thematically to a classic film. The hosts are the former editorial staff of The Dissolve, so you can expect a similar level of insight and analysis.



Small Town Murder is about small towns and the people who murder each other within them. Crime in Sports is the sister podcast about people who play sports and then commit crimes, but I don’t find it as interesting.

Bunny Ears is a podcast hosted by Devon Sawa and somebody else who I don’t know. It’s irreverent nonsense, there’s no real substance to it, but sometimes it’s nice just to hear people freaking out because they spilled bongwater on the mixer.

I keep trying to listen to the Super Best Friends podcast because that shit is like, 2 to 3 hours long, which is perfect, but Christ, do I hate that Pat guy. He needs to take a fucking Xanax and shut the fuck up. Surely he can get that easily in Canada.


Haha introducing a Chapo guy to Tim

Not that I entirely believe this is the first time, particularly for an MGS dork


latest mbmbam taught me the mcelroys have no idea michelangelo was gay as hell smdh


Dragon Friends is a very funny Dungeons and Dragons-based comedy podcast. It’s much more a (sometimes live) improv show that uses DnD as a springboard than actual play – the players derail the campaign within the first 10 minutes of the show and their poor DM never gets them back on track. Like the parts of Adventure Zone that are just the boys being relentless dicks to all the NPCs. Alternately, like Nerd Poker but with good jokes. Has live music and a dedicated NPC player (+ guests), which is novel.