Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


I’ve been enjoying this one a lot. I’m glad you mentioned it.

I’ve also been listening to Sam Harris’s podcast lately. I had never read any of his books, but I like some of his discussions with scientists and philosophers. (I discovered his podcast in a search for interviews with one in particular.)


Just don’t get into his anti-Muslim/political stuff.


Started crying at the last episode of the Adventure Zone while I was literally cutting onions.


I hope that whatever the adventure zone does next brings back




Or letting the table interact. Griffin’s extreme world telling and the table’s individual making up something on the fly in response has been grating for a while. I never felt the weight of a 100 year journey with the same people.


I think a lot of this can be attributed to Griffin being a novice GM but also they’re still playing DnD which is definitely not the system for their group.


I have been wholly besotted with synthetic grape flavour far back as I can recall, and dismayed at its appalling rarity in Brexitannia, so this week’s episode of The Nod appealed fierce

I need to go nab a bottle of neroli now apparently


The podcast I’m looking for consists of people who aren’t internet shitheads (fuck the McElroys seriously), treat games with the skepticism they deserve and exhibit the self-awareness of people who engage with the world outside the sphere of videogame “culture”.

I guess what I want is the video game version of the Factual Opinion Podcast? Or maybe I just want more episodes of the Insert Credit cast


I never fathomed I’d see the words “fuck the McElroys seriously” typed anywhere, in the full history of human kind.


I mean, I’m clinically depressed and can spew hateful kneejerk bile for an hour. I just need a crossfit obsessed bro who’s middling funny when he goes off on subjects he doesn’t actually bother informing himself about beforehand to parter with and I could deliver such a product.


Witzke and Tucker?


lmao in what way are the mcelroys internet shitheads
and what do you mean by “the skepticism [games] deserve”

Anyway go check out duckfeed.tv if you haven’t already. Theyre nice and not gamerz


Yeah, I was confused about that too, the McElroys don’t come off as internet shitheads at all imo, unless you’ve only listened to, like, the first episode of MBMBAM from back in 2010.

Duckfeed’s podcasts are great. Watch Out for Fireballs, Abject Suffering, and Bonfireside Chat are all a ton of fun. I don’t know if jodeaux would like them though, since they A. are extremely online and B. don’t tend to go on in-depth critical dissections of games they hate.


shrug we already have a podcast it is called the selectbutton podcast and you can organize an episode with me whenever you want.


I’d be down to do stuff for the next SB podcast if that got going again


it’d be nice to record a podcast i don’t have to edit

not that i’m complaining just y’know

it’d be nice


editing podcasts is so tedious and unpleasant, thanks for doing it


I don’t mind it so much, but partially that’s because I like listening to everyone sound like a squirrel.

Plus y’all are good fun


Sorry for making editing harder by talking over the top of people :frowning:


Guys I am pretty happy with the most recent Hinge Problems.

Someone show me how to make the libsyn media player not immediately break our wordpress.