Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


well i guess thats when i’ll leave forever



Look, the writing is clumsy, rudimentary, and borderline offensive, but it’s gorgeous and strange and eerie. Thematically it’s a total mess, but it’s a lot of fun to look at. I think that’s okay!! I also had a lot of fun bashing things with a wrench!!

I never played Bioshock Infinite but it seems inexcusable in so many ways that even if it is nice to look at I don’t think that it’s worth it.




jokes on you thats my fetish


I’ve been sampling some of the things in this thread.

One of my favorite recent discoveries is Jack Russell Weinstein’s Why? - Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life.


Started to listening to the Chapo Trap House guys (who I did not know about until here, I live under a rock most of the time) Just listened to the Suicide Squad episode and that shit was some of the funniest stuff I have heard.


I finished the first two seasons of The Black Tapes and I gotta say, it was really unrewarding. The incidental music is really good, but that’s faint praise I suppose.

I’m actually a little annoyed by The Black Tapes because they set it up as a (fictional) documentary-style podcast, but then they do really stupid things you would never do on a podcast. Like, why are you broadcasting the secret messages from a man’s dead wife that were only intended for him to understand? I know that it’s important for the viewers to hear that, but then don’t pretend you’re a documentary! Also, the main character and her “subject” have major disagreements, then make up within minutes so the story can progress, and it happens like 10 times in 24 episodes. It’s absurd.

But my biggest complaint is that it’s supposed to be this interesting mix of conspiracy theories and supernatural demonic stuff, but it’s not intriguingly complex nor is it scary. It just feels like somebody thought of 15 ideas then tried to link them all together later, and it doesn’t work in the least. Is this what people who watched Lost felt like?

I’m never letting my sister recommend a podcast again.

Anyway this is supposed to be podcast recommendations, so here’s my recommendation: don’t let my sister recommend podcasts to you


Some of my favorite youtubers, H3H3, are doing a podcast now. First guest Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty fame.


Those McElroy boys are responsible for about 80% of my entertainment these days. The Adventure Zone is so, so good. I’d also like to throw a recommendation to CoolGames Inc, Griffin’s game design podcast for Polygon with Nick Robinson where they expand Twitter/Reddit suggestions from their listeners into weird dumb video game concepts.


They do good work


nick robinson’s hair, though


The Waypoint podcast is cool, like, jazz cool. Highly recommended for the weekly game news style podcast.


I take back what I said. Austin Walker is cool and makes the Waypoint Podcast cool. Without him it’s…just some nerds?? Like, smart cool nerds who are good at talking vidgam but definitely nerdier.

I hope his vacation is over soon.


Yeah, every time he’s gone it’s unlistenable.


Really digging HG101’s podcast, Top 47,858 Games Of All Time. Love the format and their highly-respeckable taste in games. The main guy did submarine the ranking on Crash 2, but I’ll let it slide.


Oh thanks for reminding me this thread was here!! (And i didn’t know HCG101 had a podcast, i will for sure check that out!)

The Duckfeed boix came out with a bundle to benefit CAIR, ACLU and the National Domestic Abuse hotline. 100% of proceeds go to those charities. They’re really sweet guys who make good podcasts, and i’m happy they’re doing this. If you want to throw down $10 for 10 hours of solid pod content, consider doing so here. It’s a sampler of all their shows, so if you want an idea of what you’re getting, go to their site and give some of 'em a try (i’ve written about several of them ITT – Abject Suffering, Teenage Dirtbags, Days of Future Cast and Monster in my Podcast are my particular favorites).


I have been listening to this based on (i think) your prior recommendation and it’s a good time! It took me a bit to get used to their “randomizer” sketches, and sometimes the inside jokes get a little heavy for me. That said, I look forward to this every week.

I’ll have to give Monster in my Podcast a shot, that sounds great.

Oh and I’ll def. buy that bundle, thanks for bringing it up!


Thanks for the tip! I really like these guys. Gary and Kole have such a great rapport.

Lately I’ve been enjoying their new Dark Tower show, Radio Free Midworld. It’s a great way to revisit a book series I loved when I was a kid.


this is a cool podcast i found thru chapo, parsons does interviews of various ppl in the internet left scene (and historians, others) that he finds interesting. he’s a good sort of banterer/interlocutor


Jeremy Penner (Glorious Trainwrecks starter) just started a podcast: Fringe Game History.