Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


Talkhouse is a musician-on-musician interview podcast that somehow works.

Fugitive Waves tells “stories from the flip side of history” using “lost recordings and shards of sound, along with new tales from remarkable people around the world”

(And a confession: I like Cum Town, but it is super problematic and is definitely making me dumber.)


For fans of Nathan for You and Longmont Potion Castle:



the benjamin dixon show is like deleteuracct but with more of a talk radio format. hosted by a black male with callers in of all sorts. youtube but the visual is inessential


Seconding The Adventure Zone and My Brother, My Brother, and Me with a vengeance. I cannot get enough of them McElroy boys. Really glad Monster Factory turned me on to the whole hidden media goldmine.



Sunday School Dropouts features the Whitest Couple You’ve Ever Heard (A Bay Area Lit Editor and her Co-op Worker/Musician paramour) discussing the Bible book by book. Both are non-believers, though she grew up Christian. They’re mostly nonplussed. Will ladle biblical curses on your cat(s) if you request it.

The latest episode, they cursed my cats!


Meanwhile the duckfeed boys just did an Abject Suffering on Dog Days!!!



Haha yeah i was just coming here to show that to you! they even mentioned SPEC OPS THE LINE as a favorable comparison :smiley:


real tears


Who is duckfeed and where can I send this pipe bomb


Brett Easton Ellis podcast, if you’ve read some of his pop culture writing then you know he’s perfect for this format. The topic is mostly film but has some other entertaining digressions. He’s sassy, intelligent and entertaining so…yea, this is a good listen.



duckfeed is a pair of nice, soft boys who make perfectly pleasant game (and some non-game) podcasts and do good things for good charities and somehow really, really love Spec Ops: The Line.

Going by the other times they’ve brought it up where I’ve thought “what?” I think they just like Themes to be clear and on the surface and ideally screaming at them. Not big subtext fans.


im glad you have come around to the duckboix, shrug, even if their taste in 3rd-person-shooters is at times suspect

Ive yet to find game podcasts (besides our local one and retronauts) that work for me as well as the ones on duckfeed. Just the right mix of thoughtful analysis and (good) stupid goofing around.
The little bit of Cane and Rinse i’ve listened to seemed alright, but a bit too dry.


I’m going to give Watch Out For Fireballs! a listen.


Cane and Rinse is alright, I’ve listened to quite a bit, but it is a bit dry. I also feel like they don’t always dive very deeply into each game despite the premise. It seems very…game enthusiast I guess. Still, nice to listen to when I’m familiar with the game, it can be a bit of a retro blanket

Gonna try Abject Suffering since CoolGames Inc is on a break and all the other video games podcasts I’ve listened to have been not very funny


I really like the duckfeed guys. They are pleasant and fun and earnest, and they don’t meander off topic unless it’s worth it. WOFF is refreshing in that it is very structured and consistent, though I think their usual treatment of a game isn’t appreciative of the kind of holism or thematic subtlety that gets gamefans around here.

They like bioshock, they don’t like dog days. I think that illistrates their critical blindspot pretty well. Otherwise they’re neat, I’m sure they’d fit in alright around these parts. WOFF is prime work listening

I’d be interested to see what they think of the last of us, maybe I’ll toss them a buck


Bioshock is so offensive on every level that I do not understand people that like it.


well hey i happen to feel that way about Dog Days!!






The long arc of selectbutton history bends toward someone eventually trying to rehabilitate Bioshock as Actually, A Good Game. It’ll happen. Give it five years.