Podcast Secret Level (podcast recommendations thread)


http://woodlandsecrets.co/ is merritt kopas’ laid-back conversational podcast and im really digging on it lately.

http://duckfeed.tv/abjectsuffering-archive is another duckfeed podcast that is nominally about bad games, but is really just another laid-back conversational podcast. They talked about aderack’s old game Peach the Lobster in one episode, gave me a larf when they said his name: http://duckfeed.tv/abjectsuffering/95

i dunno why im even linking this because i just found out it disappeared from the web but there used to be a great podcast here http://cartoonbookclub.tumblr.com/ feat. cartoonists i really like (KC Green, Geneva Hodgson, Tyson Hesse) talking about cartoons but now its gone and i hate everything.


Make It Then Tell Everybody is a podcast i recently discovered and fell in love with, it’s a series of interviews with cartoonists by Dan Berry. Like 90% of the people interviewed are people whose work i follow and adore, and the others are people i now know about and can follow and adore!


Listening to CoolGames Inc, which is Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson workshopping terrible game idea suggestions into terrible games with many awful features. It’s really really funny. I started with Episode 2, as suggested by one of my friends.



i posted about this in its own thread but yeah, if you’re a left-wing politicker, this is a great and hilarious podcast that points a flamethrower at the DC dumbfucks that control the political narrative nowadays


Also check out this podcast that is essentially the above’s companion: https://soundcloud.com/thedigcast


ive listened to this a lot lately. The film series & interviews are great, the readings are amazing and its just nice to hear neoliberalism get shat on so freely, been a real salve this election. the dudes are not really as funny as they think they are (exception: that one ep that starts w/ a skit about Aaron Sorkin made me bust up) and hearing “bitch” and “cuck” thrown around “ironically” is just as grating to my ears as when its sincere. Overall good recc though, i would endorse this podcast

do not listen to cumtown its fucking terrible


Bodega Boys matters to me a lot


I was really enjoying this podcast, It’s That Episode, hosted by Craig Rowin, but it’s on hiatus now. It’s a great show if you just like like obscure pop culture casually.


I have become a loyal Grey Wolf.

The Ben Carson stuff has made me laugh out loud, every time.


I actually don’t know the host’s name, but he’s an Irish guy who is listenable, funny and insightful. His podcast is called The Wonder of it All and he’s doing a horror movie podcast per day for the month of October. They’re only about 20 min each so far, but the picks are interesting and obscure and he even did an episode talking about “Unedited Footage of a Bear”

edit: perhaps I should post the effing link to the podcast


Maybe I’ll be able to give The Canon a try now that Devin Faraci won’t be on it anymore.


Lol who knows where Devin’s career goes from here…


I got a great one

how bout the select button podcast :kissing_heart:




the first few episodes of the canon were pretty hard to listen to

I think they tried to lean into their standoffish-ness too hard, which immediately turned me off because it’s basically an hour and a half of devin faraci telling a woman she’s wrong for completely arbitrary reasons

so the latest revelations are not a surprise unfortunately


i think faraci gets a mention on one of the recent chapo’s (chapo 48?)


The Adam Curtis pisstake was entirely on

(I really don’t like Adam Curtisware)


Oh, I forgot to mention Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast. It’s pretty great and based in Ireland. I get the feeling they do a lot of research, but can still be funny and casual on the show.


Here are a bunch of comedians (Andy Daly, PFT, Matt Gourley, Matt Besser) doing their best Germanic celebrity impressions for a while

very fond of the Giger



Delete Your Account is a favorite informative political podcast: https://deleteyouraccount.libsyn.com/

(The hosts are friends with the Chapo/Street Fight gang, but they’re not white men and focus on praxis.)