Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


Voted genre explorations but I’d have chosen random concepts too. why is the poll single-choice?

While we are at it, the CSS in the results panel is rather counter-intuitive. looks like the filled area is the % that people didn’t choose


im thinking even though its not multiple choice, i know a lot more about what people (at least forum goers) want from an SB podcast


Should be better now?


Cool. Much more readable now. thanks!


Our next podcast will be happening over the next week and into the week after. The doodle has been added to the bottom of the posts with the times available. We’ll still be sticking with Ventrilo for the moment because it offers the most bang (lots and easy to get) for our buck (being paid for by someone else ;^_- ) whatever the day most people are available is the day we’ll do it.

We’ll be discussing Spaceflight in games, from everything to jet packing through the dark void between star cruisers to the gentle rumble of an engine as it pushes off from a lonely desert world. What games make you feel the ship? what games perfectly translate the isolation of space?



I MEAN, content of this cast will probably heavily overlap with the space sims cast


i expect a full half hour about star control ii


these times are arizona time


cum on kool kids. Pudcast time!

Also doodle should adjust to your needed time automatically.


If I’m not mistaken #77 is next! Let’s podcast about Bungie!

It would be cool if someone versed in Destiny participated to talk about the inscrutable wonder it is.

Also @tiburon for the MLG pro scoop.


@Sykel should talk about Marathon and someone should mention Myth and Oni and why Bungie should go back and try making another RTS or TPS someday.

Also maybe talk about who’s even still at the company who may have worked on any of those games.


I’d really like to listen to Bungie one!


Man I can talk about Destiny if y’all want, and also share stories of doing stupid shit in Halo 3, the king game for coming up with stupid shit to do with friends.


i would be down to involve/lead this if u want!


pathways into rudeness


@GRIMglamfire if you can host that’s cool bring your pro podcaster southwestern self out.

@boojiboy7 thanks for repping Destiny crew!

Now just gotta find someone who had a Mac in the 90s (lol)

Here’s a doodle for the next couple of weekends: http://doodle.com/poll/dmvn8xgerbx9ng6a

@shrug how do you feel about warthogs??


they were fun but initially tuff to get used to controlling via mouse camera (especially with the horrible frame rate I initially got in the PC port of Halo 1?!)

I played PiD and Marathon(s) and Myth(s) and Oni a lot.

the infamous Marathon Story Page was a huge influence on me in my youth in a certain fashion that still resonates crudely today

I still don’t think Destiny is real


I had a Mac in the 90s though most of my Bungie memories are of their ads for Myth II in enthusiast magazines and not of their games


Would be very interested in hearing this one! I’ve played Halo’s 1-3 in the intended way: alone, on normal difficulty, and never online. So I wouldn’t be able to contribute much haha.

That reminds me, we need to set up a Halo 5 match again, that was a good time last time it happened.


plz bear in mind I maintain this opinion after playing tens of hours of Destiny