Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction

The Official Select Button Podcast Boilerplate Post

Our podcast format is based around the discussion of theme, but tangents from this springboard are entirely welcome if they promote interesting discussion. Running time is about 1.5 hours during the actual recording.

We use a program called Ventrilo (download here) to meet and record, and in the interest of keeping the conversation fluid we try to look for about 4-5 participants per an episode . This thread will serve as the coordination space for the planning of each episode, so skim down to the most recent posts to find out about participating in the next cast. If you are participating, here’s the info for joining the Ventrilo server we are currently using (courtesy of Flylighter):

Port: 3862
Pass: l4d

The post beneath this one will contain technical advice if this is your first time participating in the show.


Yes, use them, and turn off your speakers.

There is going to be some lag in these conversations, but keep your cool: if everyone talks at once, wait for the confusion to clear up and pick up at the beginning of what you were saying. The confusion will be removed in post, but if you are tripping over yourself to spit out your statement that will be a little harder to fix and harder for the audience to follow in general, you know?

Mics and Stuff:
In an ideal world everyone would have a microphone of reasonable quality suited for this type of thing, but none of us are made of money either. A headset will work well for this and provides reasonably good audio quality.

One thing you will want to be very careful about is mic placement. If you place the mic right in the path of your where you breathe, you are going to get a lot of breath noises and plosives (also called “p” pops, the burst of air that forms when you make a “p” or “t” sound usually). This results in the diaphragm of the mic becoming overloaded by the pressure of your breath, creating unpleasant white noise.

I would recommend at least positioning the mic slightly off-axis from your mouths, so that it’s still pointed at the source of sound (your mouth) but well out of the path of your breathing.

If you are using something like a headset this might take some manipulating to get the balance right, but it’s really important. If you are unsure of where NOT to place the mic, place your hand right in front of your face and says some words that begin with 'P" and “T”, and you’ll feel where this zone is. Also, let out a deep exhale and take note of where that breath travels as well. You’ll likely end up placing the mic either to the sides or above your mouth. again, remember to tilt the mic towards your mouth!

Your Volume:
Volume is really important on this thing since everyone is sharing an audio file. So get a feel for how loud you are by asking the other participants. You should be able to change your gain setting within Ventrilo.

Additionally, if you have a PC or a Mac (get one lol) and are going directly into the sound card, open up the sound preferences and check the recording sensitivity of the mic (if you are using an external audio interface though, it might have a physical gain control). If the gain is set too high you will be distorting, but too low is no good either. you basically want to be as loud as reasonably possible without distorting at your loudest moments.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s launch the new forum with a brand new Holiday Deathcast.

I am proposing something a little different for the next episode. Namely, I would like to invite @Persona and whoever is reading this that lives in the LA area (and who is also a frequenter of this forum of course) down to the studio where I work to record Holiday Deathcast IV–which for those who don’t remember, is our end of year cast with no topic or theme in particular. If you are interested in meeting in person we can talk through PM’s.

Anyone who ISN’T able or willing to travel can join in on Skype (as opposed to Ventrilo) since it’s very easy to set that up at work. I want to do this this weekend, probably Sunday. Calling @diplo @HEAVYVIPER @Rudie @shrug @Sleazy @mosesplan and I would mention cuba but he ain’t here so I’ll DM him on twitter. I’ll probably make an official sign up sheet soon, once I’m not the only one who has posted in this forum, lol.


If the stars really align, I might be able to get sawtooth to show up too!

Not on this forum, just to be clear.

Oh dang, we’re getting professional.

Count me in. Finally, an excuse to set up my nice microphone. :3

Let’s see… Sunday… Sunday…

Oh hey, I’m not working Sunday. How about that.

:twinklestar: :twinklestar: :twinklestar: :twinklestar: :twinklestar:

What time Sunday were you thinking?

Like, we could go evening (Pacific time) instead of afternoon? That would give Viper time to like, be awake.

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This is like the only sunday of the year I’m not working so maybe I’ll hang

Work occupies me from 0500-2000 every Sunday forever.

I’m with Viper here. I just got a new nice microphone with a spit guard and everything.


I have two hinge problems i meant to edit before 11am tomorrow.

I’m really gonna start patting myself on the back over neo-SB if it means the podcast comes back

I beat Steins;gate so I will answer all questions.

death to sunday holidaycasts

death to time

you can’t kill everything shrug

some things have to live

I’m in Japan right now, so this is the only possible way I’m going to be able to make it <3


So what’s the time everybody I’m ready to hotcast on the death-day.

So I made an account on Skype which you can find under the name “selectbuttonpodcast”. Right now I am working out what time will work for Persona, but I am thinking we’ll start setting up at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. I’ll post here if there’s a change in plans, so just keep an eye on this thread.

If you need to figure out what time 5 PM Los Angeles time is, use this timezone converter thing.

Yeah, so definitely 5 PM Pacific. If you’re planning on participating add “selectbuttonpodcast” as a Skype contact now, and also make sure your mic is working now (before we record) because that would be great!

Awww yeah, let’s do this!

What special guests will we have on Skype?

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