Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction



does a 6:30 start time work for you? if we run it that way, we can go ill 8/8:30 and @godamn_milkman can come in


I think I am going to bail. My AC broke and I cant commit to being trapped in a fanless 90 degree room for that long.


Let’s start whenever. I’ll bump my plans to make the cast tonight. and I sure don’t want anyone waiting on my sorry ass.

@GlamGrimfire @adol @Father.Torque @wonder_momo

and @Rudie :frowning: can’t we get you into a coffee shop or on the phone :lilskip:


alright! we’re gonna start at 6:00 tonight then at the very least that means we actually start recording around 6:30 to give everyone time to get in the chat! plan a list! have something to talk about! be organized but be relaxed

we’ll only get better at this the more we do it!


Is this being done with skype or vent?


Vent for now until we have more time to mess around with other stuff


Also 630 what west coast mountain?


oh weird I guess the poll thing doesn’t show it, but this is all on Arizona time! I thought it showed it on the selector, since that’s what I put!

what a bungle


It shows us our local time. It works greaf for showing when would be good for anyone anywhere.

Thanks for the clarification.


@ADOL @Godamn_milkman @wonder_momo @father.torque @rudie IT TIME


ill be on in a few minutes here!!


installing vent…


-transmission end-


did you discuss hog?

how much did you discuss hog?

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tell me what kind of things you would like to see be featured on the select button dot net podcast in the future, because it helps me come up with ideas with milkman while we get busy living and organizing this stuff on a more full time basis.


I think I somehow voted on this poll while logged out.


They should be about my dad.


when are we doing another cast. and @GlamGrimfire when are we running tests on ohter software?


this Wednesday!!

also im gonna start thinking of topics for next podcast, immediately now. my mind is drifting towards Space Flight in games


ok well. I’ll mark that on my calandar.