Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


if felix is still cool with giving the site a proper frontpage again I think itd cover pimping the podcast and where we offer it and stuff
im sure theres dregs of sb people that may come back for a more regular podcast and production timeline


Let’s celebrate the SNES-versary.

Glam is puttin the screws to us to go regular, this is a revolution. So put on that Nostalga Hat and let’s talk about the SNES.

Sign up here



hey buddies who is cool and great
the theme of this podcast is the SNES obviously so bring your best snesmemories


Are you using vent


any suggestions for something other than vent?


Nah, just was curious.

I wonder if Discord is an option. I’ve only used it for text chat.


i heard the lag doesn’t make for great podcast recording.


are those really the only times we can make it available on saturday?


what the 4 starting times aren’t enough? When is good for you?


I’d love to do this but I’m usually only available before about 5 PM PST. I’ve signed up for those slots though, even though those are the ones that Glam can’t do :-/


Huh if nobody else is interested, I might have to bail on this. I can only do it earlier because I have a buddy leaving town and he wants to party before he takes off.


We will put it on hold, I guess!


ok well you pick the next time… and see if we can’t drum up interest.


Bumping this! We’re gonna go ahead and shoot for Saturday again this weekend. I know @adol is interested and so is @Godamn_Milkman

as we move forward with podcast times, we’re still looking for someone else to edit things . i’ll be making a new doodle some time later tonight to let people know.


doodle me



@godamn_Milkman @adol @father.torque


is there anyway you can get in through 5:30 @goddamn_milkman?

if not, we can start at 7:30 and move forward like we did last week


sorry no. I can’t really give up saturday night. I can do it Saturday, I can do it sunday or sunday night.

But you guys go on without me.


hey!! um, I signed up, but I’ve never done any of these podcasts before, or podcasts in general. what programs should I download/is there anything I should know beforehand?


This post here should tell you everything you need to know: