Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


i’d be in, but i’m an europoor --> sunday morning 5AM --> nope.avi

looking forward to hearing it, tho.


That’s a good suggestion, you @Creep y guy!
I’ll be in the Vent around 6:30/6:45 to hopefully finagle and get it set up, and then let you all filter in. I will probably start For Real after 7:20/7:25 and we can go for an hour or two .


I think you mean COOL SPOTTERLAND


Ah, okay. Open world games tend to make me break out in hives, so unless y’all want a big Negative Norton in the 'cast I might bow out. :V


the podcast is more or less about both, actually!


Cool theme because platformers are all about level design, and open world games tend to completely lose that in the shuffle or depend on set pieces peppered around.


also I wanna point out that all times are in WESTERN, ARIZONA time


I’ll be around then…


WE’RE IN HERE where are you guys


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I am playing cool spot


COOL SPOT, no wonder I couldn’t find whatever you were talking about.


@HEAVYVIPER beat cool spot y’all


I quit after level 2. It’s so bad.


why must humankind aspire to the impossible


I did.

And yet…I…like it…so I guess it’s…


plus I mean, come on:


I hope u guys had fun


Talked about this to my lady friend. She pointed out that Goat Simulator is an open game where the world reacts to what you do while otherwise going on as normal.

Goat Simulator is the pinnical.


attn: @Godamn_Milkman

so he and I, the boy, have decided to maybe continue doing weekly or bi weekly podcasts so we’re gonna tentatively pitch these for this coming Saturday to be our next one (or sunday if that day works better) so voice ur opinions here on this while we come up with a topic

I rly wanna do an SNES podcast here in august because its the snes’os birthday on the 28th


OH SHIT. I should start a Snes thread, so we can gather the collective mindset of SB.

Also I assume you mean 8/20?

Doubly Also happy B-day man, I hope it’s so amazing you can’t remember all of it.

Tripply Also: GET HYPE.

Backsliding also: we should figure out the ‘train’ of production. maybe see if there’s something smoother than Vent to use? (cough hack, how old is vent?) Who’s editing? Should we look at pimping the 'cast a little harder?