Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


heck ya!!

what’s the date you’re lookin at


I put a doodle up for the next two weekends between noon and 10 PM CST. Hopefully the stars can align somewhere in there.

Here’s the doodle: http://doodle.com/poll/dmvn8xgerbx9ng6a


Are these still being recorded through Ventrilo? Considering the latest version of the Mac client refers to OS X 10.4, I have zero confidence this still works on a modern Mac.




I downloaded it real quick to my Mac running 10.11.6 and was able to test my mic and connect to the server so you may be able to participate.

If anyone has a lead on an alternative please speak up!

Also if this gets crowded I can hush so folks with more Bungie knowledge can have room to breathe and hold court with Oryx.



Craig Mullins needs to do game artwork again. Or maybe he still is? His Marathon/Halo work is some of his best, as far as game-related stuff goes.


i’m up to get down with this.


He did concept art for Dragon’s Dogma


Discord works right? we totally have a Discord server

keen for this y’all, I’ll never play all the games but @Sykel got me psyched about Bungie


This is a good topic. I will listen to it and also probably grab new listeners/forum members off of it.


ill attempt to solve this early: milkman and i went on the hunt for alternatives and it pretty much turned out besides all meeting in a physical space and recording the audio with a microphone setup, there’s really no good dedicated software for recording podcasts

they all have lots of downsides depending on size of crowd and recording and ventrilo just turns out to be the one that’s the least bad


Is it really a software issue though? Modern podcasting workflows only really use the VoIP track as a reference track with which to line up individual participants’ recordings of their own audio and as a fallback if there was a recording issue, so in that respect, the software being used is completely irrelevant and should just be whatever is most comfortable for participants to use.

I realize that it doesn’t scale very well to large parties of participants, and may be entirely impractical for something like the SB podcast, but it gives you so much more flexibility during editing that I’ve hardly ever found it wasn’t worth it.


the problem is getting one file and not having 5 audio lines to sync. Which would be a god damn nightmare.






Looks like next weekend has more availability. If you want to participate and haven’t voted in the doodle, please do so! Thanks.


We need to get @shrug on the record about his ODST tattoo so I’m going to call it for next Saturday around 6 PM. If we somehow fail to congregate then we’ll try again on Sunday. Thanks all.

(Sorry @GlamGrimfire, I still want to be on a cast with you sometime!!)


If I don’t end up going to a comic convention this weekend I will make it


What time zone though?


Ah, sorry, 6 CST. I got accustomed to Doodle doing the work.