Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


dool-i-ttle i will be around for this if you want me to do the opening + closing


I should be good for then, though I might be Destiny raiding as well, ha.


if you guys bail on heroic mode to podcast i swear to god


who else is gonna rep Destiny though


Man, I won’t bail to cast, no worries.


I’m not going to be in the BUNGIECAST but I will still listen to it even if it ends up being just Shrug talking to himself.

Actually, especially if it’s just that.


i think the doodle says you guys are starting at 3 my time? (arizona time) so ill try to be home by then. if not, good luck!


Hi all! @Sakurina @Godamn_Milkman @shrug @GlamGrimfire @tiburon @boojiboy7

I’ll be on the server starting at 5:30 PM CST, hoping to get rolling around 6 PM CST. That should give everyone, incl. @GlamGrimfire, time to hop on.

We could definitely talk about Destiny early on so as to let y’all get raiding on time. I think we have folks from each “era” well represented.

Really psyched about the music cue potential on this one.


See y’all in a bit.




I PM’d the files to @B_coma. Thanks for coming out everybody!

Shame about the space herpes, Destiny crew.


nobody mentioned craig mullins!


here are some jamming guitars from the new destiny expansion


can’t believe i only mentioned marty o’donnell once tbh. halo as a series has so much going on that i really appreciate that i could talk about for hours

halo 2 best music in the series imo


[quote=“shrug, post:44, topic:2987, full:true”]craig mullins!


There’s a swath of topics we didn’t cover but I think we did a good job of raising topics that will be novel even to a Bungie fan. I was en-thralled by the Myth ramble.


it’s cool I’m working on the bungiecast extended universe where we discuss all these things, and then 343 will use that material in their next halo game instead of working on oni 2



marathon’s connections to halo:



the eternal desktop


Hell yeah Orinoco Flow