Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


Halo 2 dis have a cool soundtrack, except for the random Breaking Benjamin song that just felt totally out of place. Or was that 3? I can never remember.


That raid guitar solo though…


I think that was Halo 2, at the end of that first level as the Arbiter where you were flying around in a Banshee.


I just remember it feeling entirely out of place. Also, I later met a girl whose favorite band was Breaking Benjamin, something I never understood.


Blow Me Away pales in comparison to this bewildering collab:


that’s the incubus track, the breaking benjamin track is in gravemind

sidenote this dude is really bad at halo


ps the remastered version replaces the incubus track with something 90x jazzier


oh yeah i remember that http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/580d024e832c1-much-jazzier-than-before.php


Yeah, that’s right. Incubus. Breaking Benjamin. WTH Halo 2 whose bright idea was that?


goes with dinklebot as part of bungle’s long history of grasping for non-gaming cred


http://www.projectmagma.net D:


how likely is it they would have made a myth moba by now if it wasn’t just a big deal to mid-90s Mac users


hey, at least i never had to listen to this while playing the game.

It still makes no sense that it exists, though.



Have you all ever considered doing an episode on something outside of videogames? I’d be interested in hearing SB people discuss a different topic area (movies, music, whatever), even just as a one-off experiment.


Might be cool. Lord knows this hasn’t strictly been a video game forum in years.


We could talk about how much we love Streets of Fire.


Streets of Fire/The Warriors/Walter Hill in general could be interesting and appropriate because their/his influence on vidyagames.

On the other hand what is a video game?


I would be into a Walter Hill movie marathon podcast


Could do a quick gloss on his filmography/pet themes in general with more in-depth discussion of the movies that had big influence on games (Alien/Warriors/Streets of Fire) or that we just like.

Also: his constant remixing of himself.

Was it such a good idea to redo your sledgehammer fight but w/ axes in a late Stallone vehicle, Walter?!