Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


shit HARD TIMES was titled “Streetfighter” or “The Streefighter” in some markets D:


I don’t know shit about movies - y’all should definitely do that one.

We also talked about guns and dating sims on #73 and #77 respectively and those are worth repeating here.

  • I want to hear more of the horror in @shrug’s voice when he learns that kiddos learn about guns from Call of Duty unlocks.

  • I also think “romance” in games is some hot garbage that needs to be taken to task.





so… podcasts! We should do that!

Who’s got some time this holiday season?



HOLIDAY DEATHCAST SIGNUP http://doodle.com/poll/ffsvv5hmhfevpcfd

skype: selectbuttonpodcast


Let’s say Farewell to the WiiU



Oh, I started a thread in the axe recruiting for a podcast ep we’ll record later today.


Here’s a link to said thread, sign up to the doodle therein, the theme is dungeons!


I was thinking today about siblings in video games and I think that might be broad and specific enough for podcasting


Is there an RSS feed for the podcast? (Sorry, I don’t know where else to ask this).



It’s also on, like, itunes and stuff I think.


@B_coma runs the joint and has the deets



wait what are we talking about? Death in games? Dying by games?


I guess you can bring up games if you really want to.


like the love games you play with my heart?


Those are fair game, certainly.


so i ass-ssume this is happening Satuarday?


I figured the term “deathcast” was a longrunning gag about the end of the year being the end of the world. Or something. Did y’all start doing this in 2012?


I am not sure who came up with the moniker anymore, but that’s about right.

Yeah, let’s do it Saturday.