Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


The original deathcast was a normal podcast episode about death in videogames (don’t tell me it wasn’t! I was there!).

Then it… mutated.


Oh yeah. Well I cut it together and I still hardly remembered that so there you go.


Everyone’s lack of on-demand sbpc lore is very personally disturbing to me


This is explicitly what the wiki should be doing. (Also it should be more available)


@B_coma this is a dumb question but this is on skype again, right


@notbov Not at a dumb question at all! The answer is yes. I’m going to PM all participants shortly (I think the Skype name is selectbuttonpodcast, I need to double check)


it’s been nearly four weeks since monster hunter world released and sb / people are actually playing and talking about the series now- maybe it’d be a good idea to give all such musing and grousing for such a iterative, historied series an episode? some of us can quite clearly talk about that thing forever, anyway.


Dooo iiiiiit

I want to hear sbers talk about this game I will never play

This is not sarcastic


…so, do I just shout out in the mh thread / an axe thread about who else would want to join such a cast besides a few others I’ve talked on this topic, do I set up a doodle for some weekend soon a week or two weeks in advance, do I try to find some regular podcast coordinator who can record the skype mess…?

these things seem to be pretty impromptu and all, so I don’t have much clue on the proper ways to proceed


There’s no real proper way. Historically we put up a doodle and shop it around this subforum and the axe (for axe-only peeps), and use the Ventrilo server cause it has really easy recording. But you can do it any way you want.


yeah, the best bet is set up a doodle with like, three or so times about 4 days beforehand you want to record. don’t load too many choices on there (just ones convenient for you :smiling_imp:). that’s usually been the best formula for getting the most folks to join in.

as for ventrilo, I’ll paraphrase the first post in the thread:

To record the show using vent… well, that’s a little hard to explain in a post, so either myself or one of our esteemed prior podcasters can drop in and help with that once a time and date is set.

afterwards, PM me with a link to the recording (it’s a pretty small file) and I will cut it into little pieces and rearrange the pieces into ::the selectbutton podcast::


hm, four people from the mhworld thread feels a bit low (despite the first post, the minimum seemed to be five) but also exactly the max party size (and I’ve talked with two of the others about this series a fair bit already, so we should have plenty of material). looks like saturday 8:30 to 11:00 PM EST is the best available timeslot overlap.

…I’ll sit in the sb Vent for most of tomorrow if it’s plausible to test recording from such before the day of.

(edit: oh, right, for posterity’s sake: @CourierRice @Sakurina @gary )


Yeah, I’ll firm up my availability tomorrow, but later is definitely better


@gary ?


well, that turned out to be a trainwreck, though I guess every podcast without a specific itinerary is a random musing trainwreck. we went and gathered materials on an expedition without ever hunting a monster, metaphorically.

there’s so many details and aspects to cover about this series that us four go on for multiple podcasts, or at least rerecord whatever just happened of a podcast- we barely touched on a variety of things. I kinda want to still use this material and call it “Low Rank” to go with a later actually-focused “High Rank” podcast, maybe but that’s asking quite a bit of b_coma to edit our garbage-

though this is up to the discretion of the other podcast members whenever they recover and whatever they want. personally, I’m pretty invigorated from this ordeal in finding it to not be horribly anxious in practice, but all of this nonsense might be too silly to Actually Use.

probably could do with arranging another Doodle for the middle of next week or the week after, perhaps?


I feel like it may be too much effort to try and splice the recordings of two different casts together, but I think that the high points of what was said will probably find its way back into a re-recording anyway, so no worries. I think a “high rank” joke alluding to a previous recording is a good joke to include, though.

Apologies again for my own sloppiness, I’ve had an anxiety episode all day and I didn’t properly prepare for this cast.


FWIW I can’t do next weekend at all because I’m fully booked already but I can do the week after that just fine


I’d love to be a part of this; had to work this weekend but should be free next and the one after.


I’m moving and then out of town, but I can’t really talk much about high level play or overarching series themes/developments anyway.


The only funny thing about this is the idea that any other episode of the sb podcast has ever been focused or organized in any way

(Except the April Fools casts of course; as the saying goes, comedy is the hardest.)