Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction




I enjoyed what you had to say despite/because of your newness to the series fwiw. Having a “fifth fleeter” to balance out all of us third fleeters was good. Sorry if you felt left out at all, though.

If others still feel that the first recording sufficed, and are willing to edit it, then uhh sure! I can go with that, I can go with a part 2 cast as well, I can do whatever because I feel too complicated about things and my life is a mess.


Nah I think it worked in that cast, too, but part 2 being a bunch of vets would be neat








we’ll do as many as there are fetch quests in generations

just kidding we’ll all be dead before we’re done that many podcasts


Man, I guess I am a first fleeter? I mean depending on how one is counting. My first MonHun that I played was the PSP port of the first one, but the one I got most into was MHFU, which is an expansion of the PSP port of the second game. Huh, I’ve played too many of these games.


this being the same for me is one of my two excuses for not saying anything on plotting this out further, whoops.

I’m definitely up for “the previous recording mess is a seperate Part 1, let’s do a part two”.

here’s a possible passable itinerary and some podcast side notes.

I feel a little non-confident about how each topic gets steadily less tangible and grounded in easily discussed matters, but I kind of also feel like I’m evaporating in just sorting this all out in the dead of night and it kinda suits a podcast sliding from clean into ridiculous. more worried about that middle point of the grind dynamic not needing a seperate component, and throwing out non-rank observations to fit it under the previous hunt dynamics topic.

regardless, it should be a little more controlled than before. text-copyable link.

also a doodle for this upcoming thursday / friday / saturday?

I do look forward to trying to talk some more about this having gotten used to the idea of podcasting I’m just at the point where my prey and I are both on our last legs.

@BustedAstromech @CourierRice @Sakurina


So… Saturday night? (Need to confirm for something else this weekend which is why I’m asking for confirmation)


correct. I declare this next recording to start Saturday night, 7:30 to 10:30 PM EDT.


I’m going to assume you mean EDT otherwise everyone will be one hour off


…EDT, yes.

bloody time, the worst illusion


can i use this space to talk about daylight savings time, oh you said “no” but i can’t hear you over how much i hate daylight savings time

my wife works in human tissue processing, which means she has very strict deadlines about when things can be processed, down to the minute. and daylight savings is a nightmare for her. like, Hawaii doesn’t do DST, nor do parts of Arizona, so that’s the first problem, but then people document the wrong time since they’re usually tired and confused anyway, so that makes it worse

and get this

her system requires that you put in a time zone, but it only accepts EST, CST, etc. You cannot put EDT in there. it’s absurd

anyway the whole thing is a sham. apparently the retail industry lobbied successfully to extend DST because people spend more money when it’s on. and they want to extend it even more. it makes me angry

oh shit it’s big retail coming for me, this may be the last post i ev




Thought this weekend would be fine but it’s going to be another weekend at work, sorry all.


No worries, we got it all recorded. Sakurina is editing both sessions and we should have it done by the weekend? I think he was considering implementing chapters audiobook-style, which is something I’ve noticed hasn’t been in previous SB casts.

Would anyone be interested in doing some cover art for the episode? The three of us aren’t graphic artists. If the drawing is of a monster or some other character, the second session could just have angry eyebrows to signify it’s the “high rank” part.


Who exactly do I need to get in touch with for this to get in the feed? Putting the finishing touches on the episode right now and then it’s unclear where to go from here


That would be me! It so happens I get automatic alerts in this thread. Send me a PM.


has there been an episode about funny video games and what makes a video game funny at all??? if there isn’t here are my takes and would like someone to argue with me

funny good:
barkley gaiden
katamari 1 and 2
sexy hiking

funny bad:
simpson’s wrestling
amateur unity games for android
dendy bootlegs

not funny but respectable as comedy like the three stooges or taxi or something:
penn and teller for sega cd
trio the punch
power instinct matrimelee

not funny:
eat lead the return of matt hazard
every grand theft auto

we could talk about dissonance in things like gta or the funny outfits in silent hill 3 maybe?? it would be a sick ep


There’s a real discussion to be had about why failure is funny as well. Like, the funniest shit to me is playing Rainbow Six Siege and dying because my friend shot me in the head on accident because i popped out of a door at a weird time, or when I died in Hyper Iria to a rogue elevator. Are there any games that explicitly take advantage of this? I legit can’t think of any, other than maybe Dwarf Fortress sort of kind of?


The modern masocore movement is pretty explicitly about comedy. Starting with IWBTG.